Cascadia Vehicle Tent Review

Nov. 20, 2013 By Jim Brightly, KF7SCT

Cascadia Vehicle Tent Review

More Velcro secures the flap at the end/beginning of the zipper so the zipper canít loosen by accident.

Carefully remove the travel cover, you may have need of an extra pair of hands to help remove it and to place it back on the tent before traveling.

Beneath the cover youíll find another pair of straps securing the folded-over tent.

I mentioned above that the tent fabric is ďripstop.Ē Ripstop fabrics are woven fabrics often made out of nylon, using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. During weaving (thick) reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern. The intervals are typically 5 to 8 millimeters (0.2 to 0.3 inches). Thin and lightweight ripstop fabrics have a three-dimensional structure due to the thicker threads being interwoven in thinner cloth. But more modern weaving techniques make the ripstop threads less obvious. It is used to make hang glider and parasail wings, parachutes, hot air balloons, sails, kites, flags, banners and sports clothes.

With the cover and internal straps removed, remove the two-piece aluminum ladder.

Slide the pieces of the ladder apart to get them down.

Slide them back together, using the matched tracks you see here, and set it aside for now.

With a friend to help because of its awkwardness, the 150-pound tent was easily mounted on my camping trailerís ARE cap (for more information on the trailer, see "Budget Trailer" story). CVT recommends that the two mounting bars be 3 feet apart; however, my bars are 4 feet apart and they work fine. I found the tent very easy to deploy by opening the floor into its open position. As I mentioned earlier, the aluminum ladder is the support as well as the access to the tent. In fact, since the ground in off-road campsites is guaranteed not to be level, you may need several pairs of holes in the ladder to adjust it to the proper height.

Youíre now ready to open the tent. As you unfold the tent, its aluminum frame automatically deploys and raises the tent into place.

Use the ladder to support the overhanging portion of the tent. You may have to adjust its height to make the tent floor level according to the ground upon which the ladder rests.

Also, since the closed tent is 72 inches by 48 inches, if you can set your support bars properly you can mount the tent to open to the rear. Or if youíre in a country where the cars have right-hand steering, you can mount the tent to open on the opposite side. For instance: using my camping trailer as an example, I could set the overhand over the trailerís tailgate, therefore giving a double-decker design to the sleeping and/or storage arrangements.

Although CVT literature says the Mt. Rainier model will accommodate four-plus people, you can see that they would have to be very, very friendly in order to fit inside. Canopied windows are on three sides, with the door being on the fourth side. Each window has a canopy for shade and rain protection and is screened to keep out the mosquitos and no-see-ems.

The CVT tent is warrantied against defects in material and manufacturing for one year from the date of original purchase. CVT will repair or replace, at its option, any defects during the warranty period. This warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear, or to damage or cosmetic blemishes sustained during use. In the event that the tent must be returned to the companyís repair facility for inspection and repair/replacement, the owner must assume the cost and liability of freight. Shipping damage is the responsibility between tent owner and freight company.

The CVT tent can be carried by any number of different types of trailers, as long as it can be secured to the proper rack bars itís good to go. With the proper roof rack it can also be carried by a Cherokee and a JK Unlimited.

On a custom-built off-road trailer, the CVT tent looks right at home, and its lower height gives it a lower center of gravity, although being this low the overhang and veranda skirt can only be used for storage.

Cascadia Vehicle Tents

Having just negotiated an extremely eroded off-camber hill climb, Kevin and his truck and trailer are ready for the next challenge.

A deeply rutted, muddy road in New Mexico slowed but couldnít stop the Rubicon and Budget Trailer with the CVT rooftop tent. Newsletter
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