Jeep Grand Cherokee Project: BDS 4-Inch Suspension Install

Mar. 11, 2014 By Josh Burns

WJ Project: BDS 4-inch Lift Install at SoCal SuperTrucks

SoCal SuperTrucks technician Ryan Poe removes the stock steering stabilizer mount, since it will no longer be needed with our BDS dual setup.

The BDS 9500 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit features a heavy-duty mount that is attached to the front axle.

The other mount for the dual stabilizer is on the tie rod – one for each side.

Once installed, the 9500 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit should provide more predictable steering for our WJ, especially when we fit it with 33-inch tires.

The stock crossmember bolts need to be removed, and the crossmember needs to be supported and lowered just enough to fit in the billet drop spacers that come with the BDS kit.

The stock rear links are removed, as are the stock coils.

Bump stop extension is mounted to the upper coil pocket in the rear after using the 3/8” x 1” self-tapping bolt to tap out the hole to accommodate the new hardware.

To install this tricky little guy the brake line brackets that are attached to the rear upper control arm will need to be removed.

Next, the three bolts mounting the rear control arm to the top of the rear diff housing will need to be removed.

With the new bolts in place, the control arm spacer can be installed using the 14mm x 80mm bolts. Apply Loctite on the bolt treads and then torque them between 75 to 85 lb.-ft.

This view shows the spacer once it is fully installed.

A helping hand getting in the new BDS Pro-Ride coils in might be necessary.

The rear links and Fox 2.0 shocks are all that need to be installed before getting ready to wrap up everything.

The adjustable front lower control arms get tightened into place before the Jeep comes off the lift.

The wheels are the final piece to go back on the Grand Cherokee.

The beauty shot. Our Grand still looks pretty incomplete without proper tires, and the cladding will be fixed soon (stay tuned for a story on that shortly), but overall, the WJ is starting to come together.

Although Ryan at SoCal SuperTrucks had never installed a WJ kit before, he didn’t run into many issues with the install. There was a little tweaking needed one of the bolt holes on the three-link spacer for the rear, as he simply had to open up one of the holes a little more, but overall the install went fairly smooth. The WJ is finally starting to look like a Jeep, and most importantly we can actually crawl under it now to work on it! We’ll be adding wheels and tires soon, along looking at storage options, trail protection, and addressing the little details such as the side cladding and other upgrades.

For now, we’re happy our WJ is off the ground thanks to BDS Suspension, Fox Shox and the crew at SoCal SuperTrucks. We’re looking forward to getting on the trail to really test out our new equipment, but for now, it’s a major step in the right direction.

BDS Suspension

SoCal SuperTrucks

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