Newest Double Cardan (CV) Drive Shaft from Tom Woods

Jan. 03, 2008 By Press Release

We are pleased to announce our newest double cardan (CV) drive shaft for the Jeep Rubicon, which will have improved benefits.

drive shaft

Manufactured exclusively for us, we now have a 1310 series CV socket flange that bolts directly to the original equipment mass vibration dampener hub/flange. This part is made from steel, for greatest strength, rather than cast iron like other manufactures. It is also serviceable with a grease fitting at the center pivot point with designed provisions for a positive
greasing during service.

The benefits to this conversion are:

  • Ease of installation, does not require removal of the original equipment rear out-put flange & mass vibration dampener.
  • This drive shaft retains the vibration dampening effect of the original equipment rear out-put flange & mass vibration dampener hub.
  • In the event of failure of the CV drive shaft, the original equipment drive shaft can be readily reinstalled with simple hand tools.
  • Greatest flexibility, Nominal 35 degrees prior to binding compared to 30 degrees with most others. This is especially important with higher lifts and long arm suspensions.
  • Lowest cost!

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