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Tire Test

Nov. 01, 2005 By Alex Parker

Goodyear has created a name for themselves in the rockcrawling world with its MT tire over the years. The MT was super sticky, quiet, and had great side to side stability on rocks. However, the sidewalls were not known for there durability and how they wore. It had a decent lug thump as well when you pulled up to the stop signs. The Goodyear engineers set a goal to create a redesigned MT that could compeat up in today's extreme rockcrawling events and on the street. I am happy to tell you, they succeeded.

The MTR matches the rocks with its puncture resistant Durawal technology.

The New MT/R is by far superior to its older brother the MT in many ways. In many of my personal tests I was stunned to find that this, perhaps, tighter tread design works just as well as some of the big time mud tires if not better. Having owned a set of SSRs before, I didn't think anything could work like those did. The MT/R is the only trail worthy competitor as far as I am concerned, and it does better on the street to boot. The MT/R is super quiet on the streets at freeway speeds. I was able to have a conversation with the person next to me in a open toped Jeep. I haven't been able to do that sincethe days of factory tires on the TJ.

The outer lugs of the MTR wick away the gumbo like a cheap suit.

Where the MT/R really shined however was on the trails. These tires grabbed, even when they were wet. Because of the sidewall treads, I was able to hang the Jeep off the side of rocks without having much of the face of the tire touching, just the sidewalls. That was just freaky. When aired down the tires still conformed to rocks, but would still take abuse without blowing the bead on the rim.

In the Mud, the true challenge was to load the tire. If you had any wheel spin what so ever, the mud just flew off in great big globs all over the side of the TJ. While this tire was really created for the rocks, I am surprised by its performance in mud. It give gobs of steering in the gooey stuff, and has awesome self cleaning abilities. All you had to do, was point the Jeep in a new direction in the middle of the mud bog, and the tires got you there.

The side wall lugs allow your rig to crawl on the edge with durability and ease.

As for the sidewalls, they are tough. I really tried to cut, scar, or tear these things and I couldn't even scuff the surface. Goodyear says this durability is due to the silicone used in the carcass and because its 3 ply. I have to give it to them on this one, whatever high-tech compound was used, it works like a charm. As far as I am concerned, spare tires are a thing of the past now with that kind of reliability.

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