Ansani Designs Announces "Light" Jeep Wrangler Bumper

Jun. 24, 2010 By Press Release

Tempe, AZ - Ansani Designs is now shipping a light-duty driving-light bumper for 2007-current Jeep Wranglers. The hardcore rockcrawler market is buried by heavy winch bumpers, so Ansani Designs chose a different approach -- a functional bumper for daily-driven JK Wranglers. The Ansani Designs bumper is made of 1/8" plate steel: strong, but not heavy enough to make the suspension sag. Laser-cut holes are engineered to hold three KC 6" SlimLite driving lights. Clevis plates mount to the bumper to accommodate a towbar.

Ansani Designs also makes a composite Jeep induction hood and auxiliary-light fiberglass bumpers for late-model Chevy, Ford and Toyota fullsize pickups. For more information, contact Ansani Designs, 480-323-0504,, Newsletter
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