Kawasaki KX 250

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

The only thing the Kawasaki KX 250 did in '92 was get better!

Power: The KX 250 engine produced mild power for an MX bike. It was a change from the traditional snorty KX 250 motor authority of past models. As delivered, the KX 250 delivered smooth power over the entire RPM range. The engine didn't produce a perceptible "hit". Beginners, novices and many intermediates loved the power character. Experts and pros were disappointed with the engine. Stock, it wasn't strong enough for them.

Suspension: The suspension performance was very plush! Additionally, the suspension wouldn't bottom out as easily as the '91 KX 250. The KX's suspension was incredible and no other machines suspension was as good! All riders liked the suspension. Some pros commented that the suspension's initial travel was too plush!

Handling: The perimeter framed '92 Kawasaki received a well deserved redesign. The frame was changes so that the KX became a very slim machine through the mid-section. The KX was not known to slice and dice quickly through corners. Therefore, its turning abilities were fair. Due to the outstanding suspension and new frame design, the bikes stability at high speed was outstanding! The machine was tall, and there was a fair amount of distance between the footpegs and the seat. Tall riders like the machines pilot compartment!

Reliability: The KX's reliability was very good.

Odds & Ends: The '92 KX 250 had very wide footpegs. The bike makes a great MX bike and trail/play bike, particularly for the many riders that aren't experts or pros.

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