Kawasaki 250

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Kawasaki was not about to let Honda overshadow their 250 MX bike!

Power: Kawasaki was serious about making a bike with low-end and mid-range power that could yank a stalled bulldozer out of a boggy marsh! The KX250 engine produced strong and controlled power. It didn't make an abundance of top-end power.

Suspension: The forks performed fairly well over most terrain. The rear suspension had a harsh mid-stroke feel. Other than these gripes, the KX 250 suspension reacted fair in most conditions.

Handling: The '88 Kawasaki was a bike that felt long and rather wide in the middle. The machines overall handling habits were hard to fault. It was a bike that turned sharply and was a stable at speed.

Reliability: The KX's reliability was fair. Expect the clutch to die under abuse. Do not expect the original plastic to be on the bike. The stock Kawasaki green plastic was super brittle!

Odds & Ends: The KX 250 will make a great all around bike! This machine was Kawasaki's best 250 MX to date.

Other notable design updates:
Engine was completely revised
Crankshaft weight was increased
New and beefier swingarm
Air box was redesigned to incorporate circular vents that could be either open air shut
One piece top bar clamp
Clutch cover has a window showing tranny oil level height

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