Kawasaki 125

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

The '88 Kawasaki KX 125 tamed its engine power slightly.

Power: Kawasaki elected to control the KX 125 engine power. It became a low and mid-range power bike. There was very little top-end power.

Suspension: The suspension performance was okay. The forks tended to dive easily when cornering. Firmer fork springs helped, but installing them upset the fork rebound damping. The rear suspension performed average. Expect the suspension to feel harsh.

Handling: The KX cornered admirably and it was stable in the rough. The bike received frame design updates that made the KX 125 an expansive feeling machine. The machines overall handling characteristics could be called neutral.

Reliability: The '88 KX's reliability was fair.

Odds & Ends: The clutch was grabby and it pulsated. Do not expect the original factory plastic to be on the bike. The original plastic was very brittle and shattered easily. The '88 KX 125 can make a fair trail/play bike.

Other notable design updates:
New case reed engine
Revised engine porting
Stronger swingarm
Air box was redesigned to incorporate circular vents that could be either open air shut
One piece top bar clamp
Clutch cover has a window showing tranny oil level height
Clutch received one extra set of plates

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