1992 Kawasaki KX 125

Jan. 01, 2000 By ORC STAFF
Kawasaki tamed the KX 125's hard hitting mid-range engine, again for '92. The suspension became better too.  

Power: The '92 KX 125 engine was slow reving, which was great for novice riders. The engine generated strong low-end power and it reved smoothly into a relatively strong mid-range. There wasn't a whole lot of snort created in the top-end. The KX mill didn't produce eye watering power; however, it made enough power to get the job done fairly effectively. Experts and pro wanted more brute force from the engine. 

Suspension: Kawasaki softened the rather stiff suspension. The '92 suspension action was super plush. Only really fast experts and pros would complain about the bike suspension bottoming on occasion. Stiffer fork springs cured that. A vast majority of KX 125 owners loved the suspension. 

Handling: The KX cornering capabilities were fair. It wanted to be driven through turns. It didn't fall into a corner and slice through it like a CR. The bike was very stable at speed. The '92 KX 125 perimeter frame received a badly needed redesign. The re-design was successful. The KX was slim and easy to move around on. Taller riders felt cramped on the bike. 

Reliability: The '92 KX 125 reliability was very good. 

Odds & Ends: The '92 KX 125 was a tough machine to fault. Today, on the track or trail, the machine is fun and easy to ride. The bike was ready to race, right out of the box when new.

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