1991 KDX 250

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
The KDX 250 returned after a 6 year abscence!

Power: The '91 KDX 250 engine generated very smooth, tractable and controllable low and mid-range power. It did not make any top-end power.

Suspension: The KDX suspension can be summed up in one word - plush! When pushed beyond moderate trail speeds, the bike would bobble and wallow. It was not fun to ride at speed.

Handling: Handling was not the KDX 250's forte. The bike did not turn easily. In fact, some KDX 250 owners looked for steering enhancement devices to aid the steering. At high speeds, the KDX's wide frame, unbelievably heavy weight, and too soft suspension made the bike handle like a cast iron bath tub, plumb full of wet cement. There was not much fun to be had at high speed.

Reliability: The KDX was a very reliable bike!

Odds & Ends: This performance review may sound like a real roast on the KDX 250. The truth behind the KDX 250 is that it's a good trail bike! In fact, for a mellow Vet rider, the KDX 250 is a great machine, as long as the rider does not get the bug to ride the thing fast. Its motor is plenty strong for most trail riding situations, the suspension is very comfortable, and the bike handles reasonably well. The KDX 250 owner should not expect high speed or competitive performance. It simply is not there.

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