1983 KDX 250

Jan. 01, 2000 By ORC STAFF
If 200cc's was not enough cc's, Kawasaki offered 50 more cc's in a KDX 250. But was 50 extra cc's worth it?  

Power: The '83 KDX 250 pulled well in the low RPM's and made good mid-range power and that was about it. It was easy and fun popping wheelies on the KDX 250. 

Suspension: The KDX 250 forks were way too soft. Even after fiddling with oil levels, the forks remained soft. Oddly, the rear Uni-Trak suspension was great and it handled all terrain conditions very well! If the forks were firmer, it would have probably turned better. Don't ride this bike over any rough terrain fast without stiffer fork springs. The soft forks did not handle the speed, even after oil level changes. Many riders came back requiring heart pacemaking devices after performing this stunt! 

Reliability: Kawasaki MX'ers wore quickly in 1983, and, unfortunately, so did this machine. The KDX 250, like the other '83 KX bikes, was known to have clutch problems. It seemed to vibrate more than other bikes too. 

Odds & Ends: The Kawasaki came with an electronic odometer, and clock. It was impossible to read outside, thereby negating its use. It was a light bike compared to the other '83 250 enduro bikes. Adjusting the shock pre-load will make owners say words that no one ever knew existed. The KDX 250 is a good trail plonking bike.

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