Review: No-Holds-Barred Bob Hannah DVD

Beyond ""The Motocross Files""

Sep. 16, 2008 By Rick Sieman
The Motocross Files covered the greats of the sport in the first two seasons. While the programs were fantastic, when you subtracted the ad spots, you had about 24 minutes left to tell the story. Because I sat in on some of the first year sessions, I wondered what happened to all the hours of taping that never appeared on the final episodes.

Later on, the producers of Motocross Files came out with DVDs of the shows. Out of curiousity, I asked if they would ever consider putting together a DVD with all of the stuff they didn’t have room for in the originals.

Todd Huffman (the man behind MX Files) just smiled and said,“Well, maybe that’s already in the works. Maybe.”

“Yeah, well it better be one of the greats, like …”

“Like Bob Hannah? We beat you to the punch.”


Here it is, folks. Almost four hours Hannah, with no holds barred. The DVD has:

  • The original 22:30 minute Speed Show aired in 2006-2007
  • New 75+ minute expanded and deleted scenes
  • Raw interview from the man himself
  • Additional raw interviews about Bob from Keith McCarty, Dave Arnold and Jim Felt
  • Bob’s Roast at the “One Chance To Win” premiere
  • Hilarious outtakes
  • Four hours of "The Hurricane"!

This DVD takes us back to the days when riders used to entertain us both on and off the race track. And no one was better than the Hurricane at that. Crowds would swarm around Bob’s box van long after the race was over – just to see the show and to hear him talk. He would let loose about fellow riders, blister the track, rag on bad promoters and even cuss out his bike if it deserved it.

In Bob’s own words:

“When’s the last time you heard a top rider smack talk another rider?  There’s been a love-fest going on in motocross for about the last 15 years and it’s soooo boring. And heck, riders can’t even ‘bump’ into one another nowadays without the AMA twisting shorts – at their discretion…of course.”

Late in his career, he chastised his fellow riders for leaving fans high and dry after the races - and playing too nice with each other ON the track…

“I’ll miss a lot of things,” he said, “I guess what I’ll miss the most will be the actual hard race, the close contact race, and I mean the close contact. We don’t have enough of that these days. There are too many sissies. I like bumping, and don’t mean that ramming stuff, I mean BUMPING – close and tough racing.”

Ask yourself this: if you walked into a convention center and knew you had to pick a room to sit and listen to one former champion speak for one hour…who would it be? Here are your choices: Bob Hannah, Broc Glover, Rick Johnson, Jeff Ward, Jeff Stanton, Jeremy McGrath or Ricky Carmichael. Bob’s room wouldn’t even need a sign! All you’d have to listen for is the laughter – and look for the standing room only.

This is one DVD that you’ll watch over and over, and share with friends. It’s a keeper.



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