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Super Hunky addresses Success and Confusion

Jun. 11, 2008 By Rick Sieman


 Purchased the 07 CRF230F from my local Honda dealer. I spent about 10 minutes riding it on my grandma's 15 acre farm locally and found that the machine was sold as a perfect farm gasser! However, this didn't satisfy my ambitions for the bike. The next week the credit card was on fire!

 First thing first I removed all the restricting garbage that was forced on to the bike by the Honda corporation, Exhaust, air box inlet, filter, etc. I took a more head on approach by throwing a Uni Air filter on with a BBR round pipe, and the Honda "power up" kit; needle, main/pilot jets. WOW, what a huge power boost!

 I seriously ticked off the neighbors with the new BBR pipe! The bike Breathes like it needs to now. I also threw a new BBR skid plate on the bike as the stocker made good garbage. Next was the front end. I took the bike down to the local dealer and had new BBR fork springs installed with Racetech Gold Valve Emulator's. The forks were also sealed with 20 weight Racetech fork oil. This also made a huge difference, the forks felt like real cartridge forks, very stiff and the rebound is very noticeable.

Next I purchased the Works Performance Pro Gasser shock. After it was installed I personally felt that the compression just wasn't there, however the shock rebounded extremely well, but works also installed the wrong spring on the shock that I ordered. The shock is back at Works and I am still waiting for a refund or even a response.

After that jazz, I went ahead and simply put a BBR shock spring on the stock shock and it stiffened the rear end to balance with the front, overall it was the best decision for me. The bike is now a much stiffer ride and handles like a champ on the track and trial. After a pair of Renthal's with a MSR Pro Raptor "trigger" clutch lever, the bike looks and acts like a race bike! Tons of fun!
Brandon Wallis
Roseville, CA

Looks like another successful project 230.  Congrats.



 Hi Rick,

I dig the write ups. I just bought a 2007 crf230f as a new leftover. I am looking at rev boxes and exhaust, and don't know if I should choose Big Gun, or BBR. I live in Idaho, and most of my riding will be between 2500' and 5800' above sea level. It seems that most people have a brand preference that is mostly bias. (Chevy, Dodge, Ford) Any info would be great. Thanks, AC
Boise, ID

I would not use a rev box, but we used a BBR  exhaust and are very pleased with it.  I personally prefer Ford trucks.




I have an 07 crf230, and I'm new to the sport. I am wondering if I take out the exhaust baffle, air box restrictor, and re-jet the carburator will I burn a hole in my piston or engine? I've read something about burning up the piston if you re-jet on some other site before. Also if I take out the exhaust baffle, will I still have a spark arrestor? Where I ride, a single spark could be very bad. One more thing, I've seen these mesh sock things that are meant to go over the air filter to keep out fine dust. Will have any affect on the air/gas mixture?

Thanks a lot!
Roman W.
Seattle, WA

If you  take out all the restrictive parts and don't re-jet the bike as we suggested, you'll probably smoke the motor.  At the very least, it will run dangerously lean.  If you remove the exhaust baffle, you will no longer have a legal spark arrestor. The air filter covers will make your bike run slightly richer.





 I'd have to say that this series is the bible on how to make your 230 a joy to own. My old bike was a KX250 so we all know the CRF230 is much slower with much less power. The first time I rode the 230 I couldn't make it up hills that I used to have no problem with. The 230 just ran out, I got the 230 because I'm getting old and wanted something I could still hang on to when penned but I couldn't strech the throttle cable any more.

 I was very disappointed in my new purchase. Then I found your series. I started with the power up kit and uncorking the intake and exhaust. Guess what now I can make it up hills better than on the KX.
Before the bike wouldn't ride a whellie cause it simply didn't have the power, now it has plenty of power to the point of having a traction problem. She will whellie in the grass but has problems in loose dirt
due to the tiny little back tire. Guess it's time to get a bigger tire.

I also went against your advice on the stiffer springs. I couldn't help it I bought the BBR springs front and rear, and the top triple clamp. I'll have to say compared to what the factory put on the bike the new
suspension is wonderful. Maybe a little stiff but now it is controllable. Before it felt like riding a old SL 175 now it feels more like a motocross bike from the 80's, you know the good old days.

 I've done a few of your other things and a few more to go as the wife lets me buy parts. Ya'll all know how that works, If Mama is happy everyone is happy! I must say though that I'm am very happy with the results so far with the upgrades that I have done. Thanks very much for the help.
Phillip Benson
Horn Lake, MS

You're on the right track.  Wait until you do a fork swap and pop in a Works Performance shock.  Glad to see you like the series.  Stay tuned, as we have more stuff planned.



 Thanks so much for all the valuable information. I used the write-up you did for the TTR to uncork my Yamaha, and I'm considering adding a Honda to my line-up. Do you know if these procedures need to be modified at all for newer CRF230's? I'm guessing this article was written using a 2004 or 2005 and I'm looking at an 07 or 08 model. Just wondering if you knew if the carb was any different. Thanks much.
Phillipsburg, NJ

The information you read in our Project Series covers every model  from 2003 to current stuff.  Only the cosmetics differed.



 This is more question than comment: I am finishing the install of 1984? CR125 forks (they take the CRF230 axil without mod). Since the stock hardware is steel, and the CR hardware is aluminum, I wonder if the torq specs from the CRF230 manual are approprioat? Steering Stem:
80ftlb, PinchBot: 24ftlb, PinchTop: 20ftlb, Axil: 46ftlb. Great articles!

No Name
Fenton, MO

The specs for CR125 aluminum parts are:  Steering stem - 69-101 ft. lb., Pinch bolts - 13-18,  Axle - 40 - 51.  That should cover it.




i have an 08 crf 230 and i wanna know if kx125 upside down forks will fit it????
Martin N.

If you follow the install part of our series, you can swap most any KYB or Showa fork, but it's not a bolt-on.  Read and learn. Newsletter
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