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Q & A from the Project Honda CRF 230 F

Apr. 14, 2008 By Rick Sieman

Hey Rick,

I have some part numbers of your project "re-jetting the bike" and what catalog do I order these through? My local dealer has jetting honda dirtbikepartscanada and motovan.


Tanner Burtt, Fredricton, Canada

Just go to your local Honda dealer and have him order the jetting kit from Honda USA or Honda Canada.  I'm not familiar with Partscanada or Motovan. Here's a picture of the actual jetting kit.


Hi Rick,

I've just installed a power up kit on my crf230f 2005. my bike has more power,but when i open the throttle fast it will almost cut out or cut out .Its lost its response ive followed your instructions but I cant seem to solve this problem. Can you help me please many thanks

Derek Hold, Braunton, UK

Check the following things: 

*  Make sure the clip for the needle is in the center position.

*  Have you removed all the breathing baffles?

*  Check the gas in the float bowl for water or crud.

*  Is the gas old?  Stale gas in XRs and CRFs makes the bike run poorly.

* Are the valves adjusted?  Too tight on the exhaust valve will cause this.

*  Did you open up the exhaust as we suggested?


Would I be able to use the cr250 triple clamp you used in your first fork mod with the cr125 upside down forks so I do not stem length dirtbike how tohave to doing the bearing modification.


Scott, McCleary, WA

Nope.  The stem is too long and you have to make up the difference in a new bearing housing, or modify the bearing race as we did. The stem length varies with the forks.


I live in Florida at Sea level,Can you give me the correct part#s for powering up? Favorite exhaust? OR Is it okay to keep stock Exhaust?

Boat Guy, Amelia Island, FL 

When we did the jetting, it was in Baja at just about sea level, so our specs should be just fine for you.  The part numbers are in the first installment of the Project, as well as our baffle and exhaust mods.


Dear Rick,

I have been out of the motocross world for about 22 years, and have gotten back into the sport (trail riding), just last year. I have followed your article on the CRF230 with great interest, and have purchased one for my wife. I have ordered every part you suggested for the bike, but was curious what the seat height ended up to be on the machine with a set of 43mm conventional (Showa) forks and the works performance rear shock.

My wife is vertically challenged, and I was considering the kouba lowering link for the rear to reduce seat height. How much could you drop the forks in the clamps before there is clearance issues? As it stands now with the factory suspension and ride height with the proper sag, she cannot sit on the bike flat footed.

forks how to bike Is this fork / shock modification going to result in a bike she cannot reach the ground on? By the way, I'm glad to see your articles, I still remember enjoying "From the Saddle" from the 80's. Thanks for your input.

Karl Zajes

Thorsby, Canada

Actually, with the forks pushed up in the triple clamps until they almost touch the bars, the bike is only a small bit taller.  You have an option of cutting the foam in the saddle down about an inch to make up the difference.  Let me know if you want to cut the saddle and I'll hunt up the article and re-run it.


Hey Rick

Great write up. I have a question. In your 97cr125 conversion, you state that the bearing races had to be machined down in
steps. Now you said the top 1/3 was left untouched and the 1st step cut was cut to 1.892 in. and the 2nd step was cut to 1.845 inches.

Now that makes sense, but in your hand written illustration you show the top of the race at 1.893 in, 1st step at 1.879 and 2nd step at 1.838. This does not exactly match up with your published article. race dirtbike modI thought the upper edge of the race which, if left untouched, should be 2.046inches. Which measurements are the correct ones or am I reading this incorrectly? And is it correct that both upper and lower races will have to be machined this way, not just the upper?


Mike Massey, Euless, TX

The correct measurements are the ones in the illustration.  Your sharp eyes picked up on the typo.


I did all the steps to uncork the engine, plus a weisco 11:1 piston and a BBR performance cam and springs.I used a #45 slow jet and a #140 main its still to lean the plug burns white. Do I also need to change the slow jet when I increase the main jet? Any inofo would be appreciated.

jetting dirtbikeThank you.

M. Lynn, Altoona, PA

We can't give you any actual jetting numbers, as we did not opt for a high compression piston and a hot cam.  However, if your bike is starting easily, then the pilot (slow) jet is OK and all you have to do is richen the main jet up until you get a nice tan reading on the plug.  If the starting is difficult, then the pilot will also need richening.



I was wondering if the forks off of a 1996 CR 125 would fit like the 1997 CR 125 fork

CRF Racer, Prince George, Canada

Yep.  They're the same size.


Hello Rick,

I have been following your articles on the CRF230 fork replacement. I have found Cr125 1984 KYB which are best according to your articles. I have the tripe clamps, wheel, axle, disc from the Cr125 but do crf 230 how to dirtbikeI really need them to quickly mount to the CRF230? I reviewed the articles again and again but I dont see any clarification on all the compenents/mods I need from the CR. Can you illuminate me?



The articles are done step by step, with each step explained and illustrated.  Either you ignored that, or you cannot read.



I have a 06 crf230f and i can decide wether to get this bbr exhaust. or if i should take out my baffler, what whould get me the most power. and if i get the new exhaust can i still take out the baffler?

stock exhaust replaceThanks

Taber, Canada

Follow the steps we took with the stock exhaust to get the most power out of that.  If you opt for the BBR exhaust, you'll save some weight and pull a few more horsepower. Newsletter
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