Project Yamaha TTR 230 Tech Q & A

Dirtbike tech how-to from the master.

Apr. 07, 2008 By Rick Sieman
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Let's be blunt about this.  I'm completing a move from Baja to Arizona and you know what moves are like.  I know that right about now, I should be doing the rear suspension, but there just isn't enough time in the day to get this done.  Anyway, a whole bunch of people have a lot of questions about their Yamaha 230s and we'll try our best to honor them.  Look at it as a brief time out in the hard-core stuff.  That said, let's hit the emails.


Where did you find rear chain guide on your ttr230 I have same year have not found one. Liked your article on project 230 thanks


Canoga Park, CA



We had to go out and take another look at our 230.  Well, I hate to be the one break the news to you, but the chain guide is stock. 


good article i was wondering if it still had good wheelie power after u geared it, or no or if it was better with the 14 any input
wourld be appreciated

Wilton,  ND


The bike still had enough punch to loft the front wheel in the first two gears ... all this with a 15 tooth countershaft sprocket.


i want to put a light on my TTR 230 and i need to know how to do it...
No Name

Riverside, CA

All you have to do is contact Baja Designs.  They can outfit you with everything from street legal to a full-out racing lights.

Baja Designs, Inc.
185 Bosstick Boulevard
San Marcos, CA 92069

(760) 560-BAJA (2252)
To place an order call:
(800) 422-5292
(760) 560-0383



I wrote in the fall for your suggestion on a bike, I think I even wrote back that I bought a used TTR 230. I love the bike compared to the stuff we rode in the 70'es even the stock suspension is fantastic. I am some what disappointed with the way the stock engine makes power and am in the process of rejetting the carburetor. I know that not going to reach full potential with out mods to the exhaust and that where I need some advice.

Your mode works great for Baja but I have to be more fire consensus in the Shawnee National Forest. My gut reaction is a FMF or other aftermarket exhaust but the price on those thing are a bit steep. I will do it if I have to but I will also need to save up a bit before I can make the change.

Do you think I can get reasonable results if I drill wholes in the side of the exhaust inner, that what I am calling the same part who's end you Swiss cheesed. I would then wrapped that part in the steel screen that serves as the spark catcher in many pipes. Will that get reasonable results or am I just dulling a drill bit for no good reason. If you think there is better way point me in the right direction.

In times when riding in the wood I can't help but wonder what it would be like to put a DT-1 or PE250 engine in a suspension like the ones in the new bike. Better on like mine will have after I find a set of YZ forks.

Thanks for all the stories, they are still the best.

Bobby Peak

Galatia, Illinois


Your idea will work just fine.  Checks for spark arrestors are done by poking a steel rod into the exhaust.  If the rod goes through, you fail.  If it's stopped by metal of any sort, you pass. Let that be your guide.


hi, i just compleated all your breathing carb.,airbox, my ttr230. runs fine up to near full throttle,then starts breaking up.what do i do now to get it to rev out?


Nazareth, PA

There's a rev limiter built in to the system of the 230.  There are aftermarket rev boxes available, but they affect the life of the motor.  Take a plug reading to make sure that you don't have an air leak.  By the way, what's with the fixation with periods in your punctuation?                                                     **


ANYWAYS I ordered the #38 part 43f-14342-19 and it has 50 chiseled on. Wouldn't it have 38 chiseled on it instead of 50? sonda goo

Andrew Wall

Grand Falls-windsor, NEPAL

how to

 You ought to double check.  It most certainly should have the actual size stamped on the side.  Just curious:  what's sonda goo?


I have been following this article and did the same mods on my 2007 ttr 230 using the 15t c/s sprocket with the stock rear sprocket and noticed that 4th and 5th gear was never ending and not being able to hit 6th on long straights. so i jumped up to a 51t from the stock 49t giving the bike a 3.40 gearing from the 3.27 that your combo gives. bottom line the bike is a pure animal now..


Brooklyn, NY


Interesting.  Did you also do the jetting and exhaust mods that we did?  With all these changes done, we were able to use 6th gear quite comfortably.  Still, for the type of terrain you ride in, adding two teeth on the rear sprocket might be the way to go. Newsletter
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