Project Honda CRF230F Q and A

Aggressive girl riders, young gear-heads and Aussies all write in

Feb. 04, 2008 By Rick Sieman






I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your articles for upgrading the CRF 230. I do have a couple of questions about the front shock modification. Can you help determine which forks will work for the upgrade before I try to buy them on Ebay? (00-01 CR 125 Forks+Triple Tree *Great Condition* cr125) (1999 HONDA CR 125 front forks complete with clamps) Thank you for your suggestion on the correct forks.




All things considered, I consider the 2001 CR125 forks the way to go.


Hey Rick,

First off I love all the upgrades you've got down on ure site! (Who hasn't so far though?) I've been looking to compete on motorbikes (either motocross or enduro) for a while now, and this site is definatly gonna save me some cash on achieving that. There's a heap of upgrades that I intend on doing but the main one is the suspension upgrade, mainly the forks. I've found some brand new CR80/85 forks and I allmost had a heart attack when I saw that they where only $170! They come with the triple clamps and everything.

Being as I'm only 15 and still learning about bikes, I didn't wanna throw my money away buying something that wont work. I know ure probably going to say that I should just do the front end fix that you have down in Part 8, but believe me I have read ure entire series thouroughly and have considered everything.

But I personally believe the front end fix you suggest is a bit beyond my mechanical skill or machine power. So I'm asking if you think that these forks would be the right way to go? (For enduro and some jumps)


Mackay, AU

The price you mentioned for those 80/85 forks is fantastic!   Even though I personally prefer full sized CR125 forks, the mini forks will work better than the stockers.  Just watch it on the larger jumps.


ummm i was wondering if i can take the baffle out of my crf230f

without jetting it im only 14 and i dont really know how to rejet


Bunbury, AU

Were you dropped on your head a lot as a baby?   Rather painstakingly, I showed step-by-step photos on how to jet.  They were so simple that even my dog learned how to do it.   If you take the baffle out and don't rejet, your bike could become a one-piece decoration and not move anymore.  Which in your case, it might not be such a bad thing.


I need to do a fork swap on my wifes 230.  I was reading the articles, and I was impressed.  I was originally going to go with the cr80 forks, but now I will rethink it.  She is a pretty aggressive rider, and she has blown the fork seals.  instead of fixing these only to re-fix them again, I will do the swap.

Do you have anything for me that might work?

Thank you,

Chad Burruto

Chad , I would find (ebay is a good place to start)  a set of 2001 CR125 forks.   These will outlast the CR80 forks by a bunch.


I just wanted to say thank you for all your great articles on the CRF230. So far I have uncorked my '05 and will slowly be doing the rest of the mods (as I can afford it). Stock, this bike was great for a female-newbie and now that I am more experienced & with your mods I can keep up with my hubby & his CR250 on the trails and might I add... I kick his butt on hill climbs. Our local Honda shop is great...but they don't have much knowledge on the 230's. Couldn't have done it without you! Thank you!

Linda Keuntje

Redding , CA

Many thanks for the kind words.   We realized that the 230 has a great deal of potential.  Have fun! Newsletter
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