Project Honda CRF 230F, Q and A

Dec. 17, 2007 By Rick Sieman


I have been trying to figure out a way to retro fit a BMX or Mountain bike, or even a clutch lever to act as my rear brake control on my HONDA crf 230F. can you advise on this. I believe it would only take a small wire stop welded on. I have considered going to a disc in the rear and then going with a left side lever as well.. but that looks like a major ordeal.
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Rear brake pivot point on the Honda is where a cable might be mounted.

It's a doable thing, but you're not going to have much power with the hand lever.  The CRF230 rear wheel is marginal at best.  In fact, we showed how to convert to a CR250 drum brake for better braking power.  If you follow through with this, use an extra clutch lever and mount it right below the standard clutch lever.  If course, it’ll be slightly forward in position. You'll also have to fabricate a new longer cable from the hand lever to the actuation point on the foot pedal.  I would make the cable stop on the frame in the same location as the foot pedal.  Also, I would make the brake actuation arm at least an inch longer for better leverage.


Hi Rick,
I've have really enjoyed reading your articles. I'm just a 30's aged dude that loves to ride. I'm an ex-auto-mechanic turned aircraft technician. I have an 07 crf 230 and have installed the power up kit. I used the bike for months totally stock from the dealer and I was happy overall, but since installing the
kit (needle) I have been seemingly cursed with hesitant cold starts with
white smoke.

I have tried the needle clip position in center and either side of center positions. The center worked best of the 3 positions. It seemed to smoke even when warmed up but I didn't want to keep running the engine for fear of damaging it. It seemed to be an improvement power wise, once it warmed up a little riding around my yard. But I'm still temped to cork it back up again just to avoid any potential for shortened engine life. I have NOT replaced the needle jet seat but it would seem it is them same as the stock one. Do you have any thoughts to share on this? Thanks in advance for your help.
Pouch Cove, CN

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You can get access to the main jet by removing the nut on the bottom of the float bowl.

White smoke would tend to indicate water vapor/condensation, rather than oil.  Did you change the main jet when you installed the power up kit?  You might need a change of main jets, depending on your altitude.  You could always go back to the stock jetting temporarily and if the bike still smokes, then it's a mechanical thing. 


I installed a set of 1987 Honda CR250 forks on the 2006 CRF230 and followed the instructions just like you had them.  The only problem I have is it’s too hard to turn the forks from side to side, it’s just like they had a steering damper on them or something.  And ideas?  Other than that they work great and I love them.
Seattle, WA


Tighten the jam nut down, taking care that the forks still move easily.

Chances are that you tightened the jam nut down too tight when you assembled the forks.  When the nut is tightened properly, the forks will move as they should.  Too tight, and you’ll experience the binding feeling you’re talking about.
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