Q & A, June 2007 - Project Honda CRF230F - Part 23

CRF 230 Power Up Kit

Jun. 01, 2007 By Rick Sieman


Hello, First Thanks for all the Great Info! I installed the jet kit on my wife's crf 230 per your instructions and it runs perfect, I just want to know why you don't mention changing out the needle jet that comes with the new needle? I did not change it and it works fine. Is the new needle jet and original the same exact thing? And if it needs to be replaced why is it not in your step by step instructions?
Thanks A lot,
PS I think a few people have this same question.

The old needle jet and the new needle jet are the same.  It’s just that you have to buy the entire jetting kit and I figured that you might as well put in fresh parts.




Your 230 project article is great but I did want to ask some questions after you installed the bbr exhaust did you have to readjust the carb or rejet or were the original mods you made still right on. I also wanted to know how you got the info to know what needle kit to use I had no trouble with the number you gave I just dont see any info any were else on this honda power up kit

my local parts guy did know anything I just gave him the part number but he could not tell me anything about the part. So did you find this thru some trial and error or was this found thru some other means.
Josh Foreman

When the BBR exhaust was installed, no other jetting mods were needed.  The info on the “power up” kit was common knowledge, and the savvy shops knew about it a few months after the first 230 came out.




Looking at purchasing this bike for my daughter. Looks like the best all around bike for her. She’s only been riding a few times on a XR200. My only concerns is sand dunes. When the time comes will it be able to work for her is the question.

Have you had a chance to ride in the sand dunes yet?
Obviously it is not going to win any sand competitions, but does it have enough power to have fun in the dunes?
John Howard
Mission Hills, CA

The 230 should work just fine for your daughter, but I would not change the gearing (plus 2 on the countershaft sprocket).  Leave the stock gearing on the bike for sand, but make sure that you put the jetting kit in and remove all the baffles.





Hi Rick
Just bought a new 2007 230.  I would like to install upside down forks on this bike.  Can you do this modification, or recommend someone that would take this job.  ( what would it cost ?? )    
thank you      

If you follow our Project series, we tell you how to do it, step at a time.  If you don’t want to tackle the job yourself, print out the article and take it to a mechanic and get a price.




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