Project CRF230 - Part 21

Questions and Answers

Mar. 01, 2007 By Rick Sieman
I can't thank you enough for all of this great information. So far, I have only installed the power up kit, but am looking forward to doing additional modifications. I wanted to let you know that many of the links to the CRF230F project are broken and it is extremely difficult to navigate. Just thought you might want to know.

Rob Freeman

Most (if not all) of the links have been fixed.  If you have a problem accessing some of them, check out the Feb 2007 PROJECT HONDA – PART 20 feature.  In there, you’ll find direct links to what you need.  Good luck with your bike.



I would like to start by saying, "Thanks allot for all the great information so far!"  I have been following your progress and have been trying almost every modification. I love the way they have worked for me, and has made this bike a keeper.

I have installed a set of 2004 CR 250 front forks and wheel. Power up jet kit, Big gun exhaust and CDI box. I have also been making similar changes to my son's 2004 XR 100. Everyone that I meet loves these bikes and the changes that I have made to them. Have been wondering if a swing arm swap or something to install rear disk brakes are in the work for the future? 

Thanks Again,
Rodney and Kyle White
Statesville, NC

I priced the parts for a rear disc brake and calculated the work involved, and rather quickly decided to go with the CR 250/500 drum brake/wheel instead.  By the time I priced all the parts needed for a disc brake swap, the cost was over $700 and that didn’t even count the labor and fabrication needed.  After riding the bike and living with the CR rear hub, I found that I was not even thinking about the brake at all, and that means it was working great.




I have a Honda 2004 CRF230 bike. I purchased an aftermarket Big Gun exhaust along with a high-flow UNI air filter.. I ride in toronto, Canada. My
intentions are to install these parts when spring hits. My question is; do i
have to re-jet my bike accordingly due to the mods (big gun exhaust/uni air
filter) im not tampering with the air box. just putting it those 2 parts..
p.s. This site rocks.. i learned alot..

You should do the air box mods AND then put in the jetting kit if you install the new pipe.  Don’t do things halfway.





I’ve been following the Project 230 since the first installment and have done most of the mods, but have not done the forks yet.  The first set of forks you tried were regular telescopics and you said they worked fine.

Then you put some late model upside-down forks  on and said they worked fine.  My question is this:  Are upside-down forks that much better than the regular forks?  I got some prices on good used forks and the regular ones cost about one-third as much as the upside-down forks.  Give me the bottom line.
Jeff B.
LA, California

Actually, the regular old telescopics worked just fine.  The only place the upside-down forks worked better was on a really huge hit.  For regular riding, the telescopics were a bit more supple on the smaller bumps and ruts.  All things considered, the old style forks are the way to go, especially dollar-wise. Newsletter
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