Q & A, December 2006 - Project Honda CRF 230 Honda - Part 19

Q & A

Dec. 01, 2006 By Rick Sieman


Hello Rick,

For what it’s worth, here’s the route I took for modifying the triple clamps out of a 1985 model CR500 to fit my CRF230F.  Originally, I planned on using spacers as your research had suggested, however, the surface area where the lower bearing presses on was barely sufficient for the bearing itself.  Taking 5/8 of an inch out of the center made for a perfect fit, top and bottom.  After threading the inside of the shaft and using permanent Loctite on a 3” section of 5/8” all thread, that baby’s not coming apart. 

I enjoy your articles, keep up the good work.

Garry Janota




Your method is sanitary and slick, but is out of the reach of the average dirt biker. Cutting the stem is scary and should be done a pro only. Still, you seem to have done it right. Good job.


yes I bought a crf230f 06 used and when I went into the carb to jet the screw on the link arm was already stripped what should I do

Jeanette Osbourne

Fix it.



i read about taking the key switch out. would that make ur battery go dead or not? and how would u keep people from stealing ur dirtbike? posible put a lock on it i guess please respond asap


No, it won’t make your battery go dead. To keep people from stealing your bike, invest in a big dog or a small lock.



i have found multiple forks on ebay  CR85 CR80 CR 85 80  FORKS  will these fit on the crf 230 is there anything i need to watch out for and need, any info  would be appreciated.  Uncorking and sidewinder sprockets and chain were the best!


I would not put those minibike forks on my bike. Period.



hey rick,
any chance of a article (with pics) on how to change fork seals and bushings on conventional and invertedforks?

Matthew Harness

Good idea. Look for the articles in the near future.




I was wondering if the 14 teeth sprocket made it faster or slow for more power

Lynn Gemser

Going from a 13 to a 14 c/shaft sprocket will give you more top speed, a wider spread in each gear and less acceleration.



Hey great website for CRF230 owners. There is so much good info there it's hard to decide where to start! I did, however, start with "uncorking the CRF" and completed the carb re-jet, air box and I also put a BBR pipe on it. WOW, what a difference! The only problem I am having is that the bike is rediculously hard to start (& warm up) and then once warm it keeps popping & backfiring.

I am not a carb expert so I didn't just want to start changing things from your recommendations without consulting you first. Any help you could lend would be greatly appreciated. Note: I live & ride in Michigan at @ 600ft above sea level. Thanks again for all the info on this highly underated bike!

Gil Foree

The 230 does take a long time to warm up, but once it does, it runs well. Popping and backfiring are sure signs of an air leak somewhere.




my names ryan and im gona with taking all the restricters out and jetting it. could you tell me a site that i can order the jets from because my dealership isnt close by and id just rather them shiped to my house any ideas of sites?

thax alot


I went on Google, did a simple search under HONDA POWER UP JETTING KIT and got tons of sources. By the way, learn how to write and spell better or don’t write anymore.


Subject: Project Honda CRF230F - Uncorking the CRF

Does the needle have to be replaced? I don't want to tear my carb apart if I don't have to. What would be the result of just replacing the main jet? Would I still burn up my motor?


John Medved

Why do you think we said to use the entire jetting kit? Just for fun? Use what we suggested.



Question on the "uncorking" jetting - in a Q&A  from Garry Janota, you said that the stock needle jet appears to be the same as the one in the power up kit. Is it possible to just change the main jet and move the clip on the stock needle?  - not sure what is in it the power up kit - on line parts search calls it a "needle set".  It would seem easier and one less part to buy - looks like changing the needle is harder than changing the jet. Also, do you know if the CRF250X needs the same kind of "uncorking"?



Jetting info
Main: 132 - Part # 99113-GHB-1320
Pilot: stock is 42
Needle: Honda Power-up kit part #16012-KPS-921 (clip in middle position)

We didn’t go through all that work just because it was fun. Jeez, use the right stuff.


Hey Guys,


Love your article, thanks so much for the info.

I have put on a BBR exhaust, removed the air restrictor and rejetted the carb. Much nicer ride now. You guys reccomended a 15t countershaft sprocket which brings the gear ratio to 3.33. What i have done is changed my chain and gearing to a 428 set up. I have a 16t countershaft sprocket and a 54t rear which makes my gearing 3.37.

That's as close as i could get to the 3.33 you guys reccomended. I am finding that first gear is stil too low though. I basically never need to use it. Should i just add a few more teeth to my countershaft sprocket? Is there anywhere besides sidewinder that i can get custom pieces like this?


Thanks so much for your help,


Why you put a 428 chain on is beyond me. With the stock size (520), you could run a 44 tooth rear sprocket from a 1985 CR500 and really gear that bike tall. Yep, it’s the same bolt pattern as the 230.


Morning Rick.

My congratulations on putting together a super article on the CRF230F, the various articles are an absolute must for a first time buyer of the CRF230F.

Now the reason for my e-mail which I hope is addressed correctly for questions.

I have just bought a new CRF230F and went for my first ride over the weekend, the bike performed just as I expected, however had I not been an experienced rider I feel that I would have seen my tail end. Once the bike got to approximately 60km it felt as if I was riding on ice, the steering became extremely skittish,  this happened on soft sand, hard sand, grass and tar.

Have you experienced this with your bikes, or is there an incorrect setting on
my bike, if so what do I do to correct the problem?

Thanking you in advance from "Darkest Africa" (Johannesburg).
Robin Smart

I suspect that two things are causing your bike to steer like a greased pig. You have way too little preload in the rear shock and the stock Michelin tires are horrible.


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