Project Lowbucks 2 – Our Second Pursuit of an Affordable Dirt Bike

May. 07, 2013 By Rick Sieman

Project Lowbucks 2

Bars were taken off the bike and all the nuts and bolts saved.

The front wheel was removed from the forks

The fork tubes were then slid out of the triple clamps.

A little bit of help from a screwdriver enabled us to slide out those tight fork tubes.

The top triple clamp was removed and all the attaching hardware was loosened.

With the triple clamp removed, we were able to check the bearings and luckily they were in good shape.

The rear wheel was removed and set to one side.

We moved onto the shocks next.

The electronics were disconnected and the carburetor taken off.

The motor came out next.

Our swingarm was reluctant to come out, but with the aid of a screwdriver and a hammer tapping on one side, we eventually worked it free.

Here was the reason it was so stubborn. A thick coating of rust was all over the swingarm pivot bolt. This is the kind of thing that must be taking care of when you get a bike has been sitting for a long time. Catch the problem now, and you’re okay. Let it go, and you got big problems in the future.

Here’s the swingarm and the spiffy flat black paint job.

We had to remove the skid plate to get to the motor mount plates, but it was a straightforward job.

A serious word of advice: we took all of our nuts and bolts as they were removed and put them in little bags that were clearly marked. Doing this now will save you a ton of time in the future. Newsletter
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