KTM Dirtbike Projects

KTM Dirtbike Projects KTM has a long history of racing motorcycles off-road, building race-ready motorcycles for competitive and recreational riding since the mid 1900s. More than 130 world championship titles, victories at Dakar and countless national championships are proof of the company’s great technical expertise. Aside from dirt bikes, KTM also produces a number of dual-sport cross-country motorcycles.

LATEST KTM Dirtbike Projects

  • MX Trail Bike: Adding More Torque & Traction

    We update our KTM motocross bike to tackle the trails with sprocket changes, new tires and a new flywheel

    Jun. 12, 2012
  • MX Trail Bike: Fuel & Armor Upgrades

    We add a large fuel tank and skid plate protection to our off-road MX Trail Bike

    Mar. 19, 2012
  • That ‘70s Bike: Rokon VMX Bike Build, Part 2

    We take the next step in our Rokon VMX dirt bike build to make it a great vintage racer

    Oct. 27, 2011
  • KTM 300 MXC Dirt Bike Refresh

    Updating our 2003 KTM 300 MXC within a reasonable budget

    Dec. 29, 2010
  • Project Old School KTM 380: Replacing the Chassis

    In our last installment, we swap out the chassis for a 2005 model and upgrade a few other parts in the meantime.

    Dec. 07, 2009
  • Project Old School KTM 380: Rebuilding the Bottom End

    In our last installment, the 380 motor was back from getting the crank rebuilt and the cylinder porting cleaned up. Now it's time for the bottom end.

    Nov. 04, 2009
  • Project Old School KTM 380: Rebuilding the Forks

    Having ridden a 2002 model bike with stock 43mm forks we can say that we think something was probably done to our forks because the stock 2002 forks had a near deadly mid-stroke harshness that our forks didn't exhibit at all.

    Sep. 22, 2009
  • Project Old School KTM 380: Motor Clean-Up and Modifications

    Our main objective was to rebuild both the top and bottom end to ensure our 380 engine has a long life. In addition we kept a keen eye out for anything else suspect that needed attention and ordered replacement parts where needed, such as the kick-start p

    Aug. 24, 2009
  • Project Old School KTM 380: Splitting the Case

    When a bike is left to sit for extended periods of time the seals can dry out and become brittle and prone to leaking.

    Mar. 18, 2009
  • Project Old School KTM 380: Chassis Tear Down

    Another area of a used bike to check thoroughly is that of the chassis and other attached parts. This includes things like suspension, swingarm and steering head bearings as well as a general inspection of the frame and swingarm for cracks or extreme wear

    Feb. 23, 2009
  • Project Old School KTM 380: Top End Tear Down

    To find out the current condition of the motor we decided a top-end teardown was in order. This will allow us to find out firsthand the condition of the head, cylinder and piston as well as giving us a good feel for the overall condition of the motor.

    Jan. 15, 2009
  • Project Old School KTM 380 MXC

    While the four-stroke can put the power to the ground effectively there is nothing quite like the feel of the two-stroke snapping to attention or exploding out of a berm. A two-stroke may not find the traction like a four-stroke but it has other strengths

    Dec. 08, 2008
  • Project Updates and Product Review: BulletProof Designs Billet Radiator Guards

    Since our last article the 525 has provided us with many miles of fun. The orange giant has taken us on numerous desert rides, over plenty of nasty singletrack, on a few dual-sport rides and even found its way onto a few motocross tracks. The 525 handled

    Apr. 01, 2006
  • A Project Series of Upgrades and Reviews

    DH Racing - Dave Hamel's billet bullet-proofing workshop. Premium quality components made for the racer and enthusiast.

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Ironman Sprockets

    After spending quite a bit of time over the last year riding on technical single-track trails like Kennedy Meadows and Frazier Park in Southern California I found myself wishing for a bit lower gearing on the 525. Even though it is the EXC model with the

    Jan. 01, 2005
  • Project 525EXC - Novation Update Adjustable Progressive Dampening System

    We last reported that Pete Russell from Novation had a new 3 way adjustable system for the PDS shock he calls the APDS (Adjustable Progressive Dampening System). Upon hearing about the available update we couldn't resist and sent our shock was off to Nova

    Sep. 01, 2004
  • Project 525 EXC - Spare Tube Bag

    While making plans for our upcoming dualsport rides I started thinking about things that I should be sure to bring along. One of the first things that popped into my mind was to bring along besides the general tools was a spare tube in case of a flat. To

    Jun. 01, 2004
  • Project 525 EXC - StompGrip Traction Pads Revisited

    Have a nasty habit of shredding your airbox stickers with your boots like I do? Enter StompGrip traction pads, designed to provide you with traction knobbies that help hold you in place when gripping the bike with your boots and knees. The StompGrip tract

    Jun. 01, 2004
  • Project 525EXC Oil Change Tips and Tricks

    Over the past number of months we have performed numerous oil changes on the 525 and come up with a routine and a few tricks to make things easier. Our normal schedule has been to change the oil and clean the two screens and then on every third oil change

    Mar. 01, 2004
  • Product Review - Fastway FIT Handguard System - Damper Mount

    There are many options when it comes time for shopping for handguards. Our local shop had initially supplied us with Enduro Engineering handguards when buying the 525 Project bike.

    Feb. 01, 2004