BITD Announces Purvines Racing Bonus Money to Pro Motorcycle Classes

Jan. 04, 2011 By Press Release
Las Vegas, NV ~ Best In The Desert Racing Association announces today big bonus money paid in the Pro Motorcycle Class for the 2011 “The American Off-Road Racing Series” by Ron Purvines and Purvines Racing. Ron Purvines has raced with Best In The Desert for the past 33 years. In fact, Best In The Desert has a photo of Ron in the first race program for the Las Vegas “400” in 1977. Ron has won many Class Championships and took another championship this past year with his son Jeremy in the 250 Expert Class. Ron has raced with more # 1 red plates than any other color, a true off-road racing champion. Needless to say, Ron loves the desert and has a passion for the sport of long distance off-road racing and feels it’s time to give back; this is his way of giving back to the sport and elevating the Motorcycle Pro Classes. In fact, this is Ron’s first year off of active racing and is his retirement from racing. Purvines Racing is sponsoring six (6) motorcycle classes for the 2011 racing year. Purvines Racing is entering Open Pro N7 David Pearson, 250 Pro X7 Jeremy Purvines, O-30 Pro P7 David Fry, O-40 Pro C7 Scott Glimp, Ironman Expert 07 Chris Fry, Open Expert 337 Clint Braun. Good luck to the Purvines Racing Team!
Best In The Desert Open Pro Motorcycle Bonus Money
1st Overall - $2500 guaranteed
1st 250 Pro - $1000 guaranteed, must have 3 in class start race
1st O-30 Pro - $1000 guaranteed, must have 3 in class start race
1st O-40 Pro - $1000 guaranteed, must have 3 in class start race
Purvines Racing is guaranteeing the purse. We all owe Ron a big thank you and congratulations for stepping up and giving back to the sport he loves, long distance off-road desert racing. Make sure to give a thumbs up to the Lucky #7’s when they fly by!

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