1990 Kawasaki KX 500

Nov. 01, 1997 By Press Release
    The green KX 500 was also known as the "Red Honda Hunter".

    Power: The KX 500 had the best and most versatile open class engine power in 1990. The engine pulled strongly from the lowest RPM it could muster and continued making power until the engine could not rev any further.

    Suspension: Kawasaki installed 41mm upside down forks on the '90 KX 500. Their performance was very good in all terrain. However, many KX 500 fans believed the '89 KX 500 forks were a shade better. The stability provided by the '90 KX 500's upside down fork was tough to beat. The rear suspension handled all terrain fairly smoothly and competently. The '90 KX 500 suspension could be set up for nearly every rider in every riding locality.

    Handling: Like the '89 model, the '90 KX 500 handled fairly well in corners. At times, it seemed the big KX would like to climb out of rutted corners. Additional steering head gussets, combined with the upside down forks, made the bike very stable at high speeds. Every rider felt very comfortable sitting on the machine and thought the seating position and controls were where they should be. the KX was wide in the middle. After a rider hopped off a CR 500 to the KX 500, the KX 500 felt girthy!

    Reliability: The KX 500's reliability was good! The stock green plastic shattered easily.

    Odds & Ends: This bike works well in all types of riding. The bike came with a 19" rear wheel. This did not settle well with some KX 500 aficionados. The KX 500 is a notoriously excellent desert racing machine!

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