1985 Kawasaki KDX 200

Jan. 01, 2000 By ORC STAFF
Kawasaki kept on rolling out their low-tech, yet very successful KDX 200.  

Power: The ‘85 KDX 200 engine was awesome! It pulled hard in the low-end and made power forever, if it could have reved that far! 

Suspension: The KDX 200 forks were soft, but seemed to handle most everything okay, once the fork oil level was set right. The rear shock did a respectable bump handling job, but it was a bit on the harsh side.

  Handling: The KDX was a good turning machine and had good high speed stability. The bike could be ridden at high speeds fairly comfortably, once the suspension received heavier springs. 

Reliability: The machines reliability was usually very good. Cheesy bolts graced the bike. (Where do those things come from anyway?) Look for the rear shock spring to wear a hole in the air intake boot. As a matter of fact, check the air intake boot on all KDX 200’s. Holes wear into these from anything! 

Odds & Ends: The ‘85 KDX 200 was an admirably easy handling bike for many people, with varied riding abilities. It's no longer a race winning machine, but it makes an excellent entry level and trail bike. If a KDX is found in good condition, it's a good bet the machine will last many more miles. However, if the bike appears worn or abused in any way, stay away from it and keep looking. Worn Kawasaki’s from this era turn into big time rat bikes very easily.

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