Strange Off-Road Dirt Bikes & Vehicles

Feb. 13, 2013 By Rick Sieman
Okay, some of these might not be off-road vehicles in the truest sense of the word. But, they are literally off-the-wall vehicles. Over the past few years, I have accrued a collection of photos that invariably get people to say ďWhat the Ö is that?Ē Profanity is eliminated because this is indeed a family publication. So for what itís worth, sit back and enjoy the absolute and utter weirdness of the following vehicles.

Yes, itís got two wheels and even a passenger seat, but itís about two feet wider than the average car. Trunk? Donít ask. About all you could carry with this bike is a half-eaten hamburger.

Now weíre into a real bike here, or should we say trike. This German wonder has a springer front end and a sidecar big enough to carry a  Volkswagen.

This little beauty, we are told, actually has a motor that drives the two wheels on the front of this contraption. Naturally, there are two seats. One for the pilot and one for the passenger. The only thing that confuses us about the entire structure is that there appears to be no controls going back to the pilot. The lack of a suspension of any sort could prove to be a handicap if it comes to rougher trails.

This portly taxicab driver is looking for some customers to take in his rather sumptuous vehicle. Please note the thick and luxurious padding in the passenger seats. At least the driver doesnít have to pay a lot for gasoline.

I donít know about you, but careful examination of the drivetrain on this enormous two-wheeled bike shows that the front wheel is not hooked up at all, and then both chains go to the rear wheel. The only question remaining is why is a guy with a helmet facing backwards? Or maybe the other guy is facing backwards. I remain confused.

Aha! Hereís something for the more adventurous among us. This two-wheeled bike with tires the size of doughnuts has some sort of jet engine powering it. This might just be the most bizarre set up ever made.

Now here is a trike with some real imagination applied. The propulsion unit is a woman done up in a strange outfit and the man appears to be on a fox hunt. Weíll let your imagination do the rest.

At last we have a real off-road bike for your enjoyment. Big tires, extreme knobbies and laydown shocks. The only thing that confuses us is the set of training wheels right around the middle of the bike. Most confusing.

A full one-horsepower vehicle, this class 11 is not ready for the Baja 1000 quite yet.

Itís purple and just about the strangest thing weíve ever seen on or off the highway. Apparently the driver doesnít care if he attracts attention or not. The front grille design appears to be taken from an Edsel sucking a lemon.

The driver of this trike apparently doesnít want to take the risk of going hungry. Not only is he piloting an enormous hamburger, you might note that he has all sorts of mixed drinks and food on the tray in front of him.

This young man has a surplus of speakers on his four-wheeler. We were told that you could hear him coming for blocks.

Taking a tip from the alligator hunting boats in the swamps, this builder stuck a huge fan on the back of his bike. The only thing we need to be worried about would be leaning back too far.

Letís see. There are eight kids being hauled around in the back and a 150-pound man is about to stuff himself in there with them. The kid pedaling the bike appears to weigh about 60 pounds. Do we see something wrong here?

You say you wanted some serious horsepower? Well, this Rotary aircraft engine should do the trick. Cornering, you ask? Donít ask.

There is always room for one more in an Australian vehicle.

Believe it or not, this contraption actually works. The motorcycle motor drives the left side and the other little wheels provide

stability. Iím not exactly sold on the plastic lawn chairs for seats, but itís not my project.

If this is a helicopter, then it has to be the most dangerous looking helicopter ever devised by man. The blades are only about 12 inches above the guys head!

I can see a suspension of sorts, all manner of brakes and armrests, but for the life of me I see no way in the human world to propel this thing forward in any sort of way. If you spot anything at all to make it go, please contact me.

Apparently in Romania, whenever you have a car and it no longer runs, you just donít give up. Put a motor in front of it, any kind of motor, and you still have a vehicleÖ sort of.

Sure, itís locked up safely. But who in their right mind would steal a mobile toilet?

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