Q & A, November 2007 - Project Honda CRF230F - Part 26

Nov. 19, 2007 By Rick Sieman


Hi there,
Really enjoyed the articles on the CRF, I have a 2004 CRF230F,
and I'm just wondering, I know its a trail bike and not meant to be jumped
per say, but on stock suspension what would size jump would you be
comfortable taking? And in terms of the new suspension how would it
increase your confidence in taking some jumps.

Thank you for your time
Colin MacGregor
Toronto Ontario, Canada

A lot would depend on your weight.  The Honda owner's manual says that if you  weigh over 225 pounds, then the bike is not for you.  A friend of mine has a 230 with stock suspension  and he does moderate (3 - 4 foot tall jumps) with no problem.  Of course, he weighs 150 pounds.  With our modified suspension,  we can do darn near any jump a full-blown motocrosser can do.  After all, the bike has CR 125 forks and a Works Performance shock.


My modified 230, it has a 32 mm flat slide and it has been match
ported to the 32.  Integrated megaphone in the exhaust. All the
suspension mods and it has the 15 tooth sprocket with the stock cover.


project bike

dirt bike

tail pipe

Excellent job.  We'll share your work with our readers.


I have had my CRF 230 for a week now. After reading your
article on powering up my bike quickly, i opened up the toolbox and took
out the exhaust baffle. I did not rejet it because i do not want to mess
with the facotory's settings. In your article, you expressed that the
engine should be rejetted if you remove the exhaust baffle and the
snorkel inlet.

My engine has been performing well for the past week (I found the article before my father purchased the bike.) I was just curious if the engine should be rejetted. I am not an expert with engines considering I am only fifteen years old.

The way I'm seeing it though is that I'm not taking anymore air in to mix with gas so it is not going to run too lean. Is there any problems in my thinking? Could my engine possible burn up? Thanks for you consideration. Mark

Anytime you take any of the baffling out, the bike should be re-jetted.  Why not remove all the restrictions in the airbox while you're at it and put in the jetting kit?  You could easily damage your bike by just removing components without re-jetting.


I just read your January 2005 review of this motorcycle.  In it you indicate this bike to be your choice given the circumstances at hand.  Do you still feel that way?  Do you still own and ride this vehicle?

You mention several areas specific to the bike that you would report on in a later time frame.  Is that report available?  Like you I enjoy riding it's just that the hurt lasts longer now and I don't feel the need to endure it at my age.

I live in the hills in norther CA and have looked for a bike to fit my needs.  The CRF 230 appears to have the best of what's available at this time.  I'm curious to see what your opinion is now.

All of the articles on the CRF 230 are available on www.off-road.com  in the project series.  Yes, the Honda 230 is a great trail bike now that we’ve modified the bike properly.  However, we recently started a similar project on the Yamaha TTR230 and are highly impressed with the power.  It remains to be seen how the bike will work once the suspension is worked on.  Stay tuned.


I've searched the write-ups and comments and can't seem
to find the answer. Will the jetting and power up mods work as suggested
at an elevation of 5k-6k feet? Are there any changes that should be made
to your instructions for this elevation?
Ben Somerset

 The jetting will work OK, but I would go at least one leaner on the main jet for high altitude work.



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