2013 Highlights – Off-Road Dirt Bikes, ATVs and UTVs

Sep. 07, 2012 By Josh Burns, Photos Courtesy of the Manufacturers

2013 Dirt Bikes, ATVs and UTVs Cont.

Kawasaki KX450F
Last year the Kawasaki KX450F was introduced with major changes to the KX platform, and Kawasaki didn’t take it easy this year with the 450F as it introduces a few big changes for ‘13. One of the biggest updates is a new Kayaba Pneumatic Spring Fork that replaces the main fork springs with compressed air to reduce weight. Kawasaki also revised the engine tuning for additional power and smoother delivery as well as added a new front master cylinder to provide more consistent performance. It still features the unique pre-programmed ignition maps that are quickly interchangeable at the track, along with its adjustable handlebars and foot pegs for improved comfort. Even though the KX450F was heavily updated for 2012, the 2013 model has enough new features to make it stand out even from last year.

John Deere Gator RSX850i Sport
John Deere enters the 2013 model year with its new Gator RSX850i Sport that will be offered in three different options (Base, Sport and Trail) shocking many in the process who never expected the company to make a sporty UTV. John Deere didn’t do it all on its own, however, enlisting some help in designing the new RSX850i. Piaggio helped produce the 839cc motor, which is a V-Twin that produces 62 horsepower. The RSX850i offers 9.0 inches of travel front and rear, while 14-inch custom wheels with Maxxis rubber provide traction on the trail. It may be designed for fun on the trail, but the new Deere can still carry the load with a motor that produces a torque rating of 57.5 ft.-lbs. and can pull up to 1,200 pounds.

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