1990 KTM 300

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
    KTM produced a new version of the 350 MX/C. It was the KTM 300 EX/C. It was very welcome improvement.

    Power: The 1990 KTM 300 EX/C engine delivered extremely smooth power. The engine did not produce a power hit of any sort. The low-end power could pull the bike most anywhere. The mid-range power pulled the machine along very quickly and the top-end power allowed the rider to wind the bike into the high speed mode.

    Suspension: The forks and rear shock worked well on all rough stuff. The suspension was very plush, which was a change from older KTM enduro bikes. The suspension would bottom on hard landings and super nasty bumps.

    Handling: The 300 EX/C carved turns very accurately and was fairly stable at high speeds. The bike was cramped for tall riders.

    Reliability: The KTM 300 was a reliable bike that wore very well.

    Odds & Ends: The brakes actually worked fairly well on the 300 EX/C. The exhaust pipe bulge on the bikes right side made for some interesting rider positioning at times after it got hot! The bike is a great enduro and trail/play riding machine!

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