Product Review: Mag-Hytec Differential Covers, Ford F350 4x4, Sterling 10.25"

Nov. 01, 2000 By Mr Dune

   Been towing with your truck? Bet you have...

   Stepped up an gotten a high capacity differential cover to protect those giga-buck rear end components? Bet you haven't...

Your cover look like this? Then you need some help from the boys at Mag-Hytec!

   Better slide up under your rear end and have a look-see at your diff' cover. Check for scorched, peeling paint and rust. You see it now, don't you? Big chunks of burned and peeling enamel and flaking deposits of iron oxide? That rear end cover that was so clean and pristine when you drove your baby home from the local dealer, now looks like you've been soaking it in a boiling salt bath. Seems in that quest for big power and 65 mph passes up the Grapevine with your zillion pound trailer, you've overlooked protecting your tender rear end parts from the overheating and abuse that is part and parcel of big towing and high speeds.

   If you haven't priced a differential overhaul after a catastrophic failure lately, figure on spending from $1000 to as much as $3500. If you're lucky. Add to that the tow bill for your truck and trailer, down time, spoiled vacation and the bill can easily top $5000. Not the way to go if you ask me...

   The only way to keep your ring and pinion spinning happily down the interstate or up the trail is to run high quality lubricants, and lots of them. And the best way to keep these parts bathed in that endless supply of cool lube is with one of Mag-Hytec's tough, functional and just too damn good looking differential covers.    

   Unless of course, you'd rather end up with a rear end housing full of $2000 worth of scattered shrapnel and burnt goo?

   Now there is hope! The engineers at Mag-Hytec have been hard at work, burning the midnight oil so you're oil won't. They have designed a full line of differential covers to fit most OEM front and rear axle fitments. Cast from high strength A 356-T6 aluminum, Mag-Hytec covers feature increased lubricant and cooling capacity, and are equipped with a magnetic drain plug, 1/8 NPT temperature sender fitting, lube reference plug, and a magnetic dipstick for checking fluid level and condition. Dipstick, drain, and reference plugs are MS 33649 and fitted with AS 568 O-rings, as is the cover gasket, which requires no sealant or gasket. All hardware is stainless steel, and the cover is texture-powder coated in black with contrasting machined cooling fins.

Just a few of their well thought out features...

  • Routine axle maintenance without removing the cover

  • Magnetic dipstick and drain plug

  • All stainless steel hardware included

  • Finned aircraft aluminum casting

  • Lube level reference plug

  • 303 stainless steel hardware

  • 1/8 NPT temperature sender port

  • 0-rings require no sealant or gasket

  • Requires only three allen key wrenches (included) for servicing

  • Everything included for "do it yourself" service and installation

Click any image for blow up, or to get to the photo gallery.

   Cast from high strength A356t6 aluminum with integral cooling fins and powder coated, theses covers not only are stronger then stock, but look great.

   The huge internal capacity is obvious. The O-ring negates the need for messy sealants and makes access to gears for swaps a snap. It's also pre-drilled for a temperature gauge which will be fitted in a later article.

 The dipstick not only makes servicing a pleasure, the magnet will pick up any stray metallic particles increasing the life span  of your differential.

All servicing is done with an allen wrench.

The drain plug makes fluid changes a 10 minute job. Like the dipstick, it is also O-ringed and magnetic.

All fasteners are included and stainless allen bolts, every piece needed is supplied and first rate.

   Located in Van Nuys, California, Mag-Hytec has a state of the art facility specializing in the development and production of these specific components. They are the best at what they do, period.

    Mag Hytec's covers are easy to install and the job can be done in an hour or so by any reasonably skilled shade tree mechanic with a modest set of hand tools.

   What you will need in addition to basic tools:

  • High quality gasket scraper

  • Foam sanding block

  • Flat mill smooth file

  • Steel or brass brush

  • in/lb torque wrench

  • ft/lb torque wrench

  • Large supply of clean lint free rags

  • Drain pan and proper container(s) for disposal of used lubricants

  • Proper lubricant (Mag-Hytec recommends LE 607 and can supply this with your order)

  • Limited slip additive (If your vehicle is so equipped)

Note: As with any product installation, follow the manufacturers instructions carefully.

To get the installation photos, click here!

The finished product!

   Mag-Hytec's differential covers are not just an accessory...

   They are a required component for the high stresses and high temperature encountered in high performance applications such as off roading and towing. With a cost of about $240 (some applications are less) they  are a bargain! And will save you thou$ands in repairs.

   Fit, finish, construction, materials and supplied hardware were all well above my expectations. Everything included is the best available. Mag-Hytec should be proud of this product, it is one of the finest we have ever tested! Installation was simple, and the directions easy to understand. We followed the manufacturers suggestion and opted to include the recommended Lubrication Engineers 607 gear lube, which is the stickiest stuff on the planet this side of foam filter oil. We suggest you use this oil as well. It comes highly recommended.

Mag-Hytec has covers for these applications:

  • Dana 44, 60, 60 Front, 70, 80, A44J

  • Ford 10-8.8, 10-9.75, 12-10.25, 12-10.5

  • GM 10-8.5, 14-9.5,14-10.5

  • Dodge 12-9.5       

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  For a local dealer or to order online...

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Mag-Hytec Inc.
14718 Arminta St.
Van Nuys, California 91402
(818) 786-8325
(818) 786-0560 (FAX)

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