Gale Banks Engineering Power Stroke Diesel Powerpack Product Review, Installation

Nov. 01, 2000 By Mr Dune

Click Here for the step-by-step photo installation guide!

    If you've been following this story you know that Gale Banks Engineering not only has a dedication to quality that is unsurpassed, but that their PowerPack System for the Ford PowerStroke just flat hauls ass.

   We're talking, "runs like a scalded dog, smokin' tires, passin' everyone on your way up the Grapevine, make your buddies hate you and start saving for one of their own kinda power." And nothing is better than having your buddies hate your guts cuz' your rig can pull the "Grade" 15mph faster...

   In fact on a recent trip home from L.A. I was doing battle with the hundred zillion morons headed up I-15 for weekend fun in Las Vegas. Nothing I love more than a 250 mile traffic jam. We were running empty, and as usual I was stuck behind some geriatric malcontent. This traffic clot was doing about 60mph in the fast lane up the Baker Grade. With no one in front of him, I was of course, SCREAMING! Finally there was a break in the #2 lane and I took it. As I merged to the right, I stood on the throttle, hard...

  The back end started to fishtail, my girlfriend Cathy screamed, I let off on it thinking a tire had blown. A few seconds went by as I gave my F350 a quick feel, all seemed ok. So I stabbed it again. And there ya go! The tranny dropped into 3rd, the boost gauge hit 20 psi and the back wheels laid about three hundred feet of rubber at 70mph!

   I smiled... Cathy punched me and warned me if I didn't slow down I would be a lonely man...

   Now I'll venture to guess that the Baker Grade is covered with a smorgasbord of antifreeze, oil, ATF, beer, and God only knows what manner of other vital fluids, from the hundreds, if not thousands of vehicles that spatter their innards every year as they climb this 6-7% grade in temperatures that can exceed 120 degrees. But I'll bet you some serious coin that there are very few trucks that can boil their tires like that on this hill. Maybe an F150 Lightning...

   I could go on endlessly about how the Banks PowerPack performs. But, let's face it. You know you need one, know you want one. You even know where to buy one (Click the link at the bottom of the page Einstein!). But can you do it yourself?

   Bolting It Together

   A lot goes into installing the PowerPack System. Can you do it yourself?

   Sure... But it's not a task for those short on mechanical aptitude or on proper tools. Any good shadetree mechanic with a well stocked garage can do the installation. But, if you're not confident in your prowess with a wrench and/or performing basic fabrication work, you may want to have it professionally installed.

   As well as manufacturing performance components. Banks installs what they sell. They also provide top notch tech assistance for do-it-yourselfers.

    I took my truck down to Banks to have it done, not because I couldn't do the job myself. In fact it's really not that tough. Figure about two to three afternoons to get the job completed. I wanted to provide you with a step by step guide to doing it yourself, so I thought it best to go to the experts. The technicians at Banks install as many as three of these systems per week and have it down pat. The instructions included with this system are excellent, and combined with the photos in the gallery you'll be able to breeze trough the job like a pro!

   Stuff You'll Need:

  • A complete set of proper hand tools (air tools a big plus).

  • Reciprocating saw with metal cutting blades.

  • Flat black spray paint

  • Liquid Wrench or other thread loosener.

  • Cutting torch

  • Welder (Arc or wire feed)


  • Electric or air drill

  • A big ass pry bar

   Disclaimers For Nincompoops, Morons and Other Assorted Annoying Readers:
   (Keeps me and the lawyers happy.)

  • Do not write me, call me, or send me smoke signals asking for help. Gale Banks phone # is (888) 839-2700 and they have a full time staff of wonderful and experienced tech support folks whose only goal in life is to satisfy you.

  • Do not work without the proper protective and/or safety equipment.

  • Do not attempt a procedure which is beyond your abilities.

  • Do not use improper or makeshift tools.

  • Do not jack up your vehicle without the proper supporting devices.

  • Do not bother to come whining to me if you hurt yourself, or break something. You have been warned, disclaimed and disavowed.

   And now that you have been properly disclaimed... Join myself and Banks Ace Technician, "Bart" Bartoli as we wrench our way to diesel nirvana!

Click Here for the step-by-step photo installation guide!

Mr Dune

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