Meet the Women of Competitive Off-Road Racing

Mar. 04, 2015 By Rachel Bowes

Women of Off-Road Racing Cont.

Bailey Campbell

Bailey Campbell (ULTRA4, W.E. Rock)
Bailey Campbell has competitive off-road coursing through her veins. The Campbell family is very prominent in the off-road driving world and Baily has very much been in on the action. Last year, she placed eighth, third and sixth in races in the W.E. Rock Dirt Riot Mountain Series event and competed in two ULTRA4 competitions with her father, Shannon Campbell, and brother, Wayland Campbell.

Bailey qualified for and competed in the 2015 King of the Hammers event this past February, and though she did not finish in the allotted time, she was one of only 23 to make it to the checkered flag Ö out of 127 racers at the starting line.

Bailey aims to go on racking up notable accomplishments as she continues to compete amidst off-roadís top competitors in the W.E. Rock Dirt Riot Mountain Series competition and ULTRA4 series in 2015. A rising star in racing, Bailey is a role model for determined, driven young women of all backgrounds and ambitions.

Charlene Bower

Charlene Bower (Bower Motorsports Media, ULTRA4)
You canít talk about competitive off-road racing without talking about Charlene Bower. Founder of Bower Motorsports Media, she has been involved in the automotive industry from the word go. She began by changing tires in a motorcycle shop and spent the next decade in the motorcycle retail industry before moving into the media world. She established Bower Motorsports Media in 2009, which is now in the backdrop of many of the most successful racers, events and companies in the industry.

In the 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers, Bower shifted from writing about races to competing in them for the first time and earned herself the title Fastest Girl up Backdoor when she throttled her buggy up the King Shocks Backdoor Challenge. She took on the Backdoor Shootout in this yearís competition and once again one-shotted the formidable climb.

She has utilized her huge success in the off-road industry to reach out directly to women and girls by creating the Iím Not Just a Girl Club, a clothing and jewelry line geared toward providing a positive message for women with its accessories. Her Iím Not Just a Girl line will be available at this yearís 4 Wheel Parts Truck & Jeep Fest as well as through her online store.

Bower also shares her knowledge as an instructor at the Bower Motorsports Media Racer Marketing School, where she teaches the ins and outs of being a brand ambassador Ė a vital but often overlooked aspect of the trade for any competitor.

So what is the key to her success? Bower tells other women to ďhave fun and always smile, and when thatís a challenge stop and look around because thereís something you can do which can make that change.Ē

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