Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series Rounds 11-12 from Surprise, Arizona

Sep. 28, 2010 By Art Eugenio
Rob MacCachren leads Carl Renezeder at Surprise, Arizona.

Arizona: where winter is spring; spring is summer; autumn is winter; summer is hell, and the off-road racing at Speedworld is just as hot! The Lucas Oil Off-Road series stopped in Surprise, Arizona, for rounds 11-12 for what was originally intended as a night race but ended up being held in the blazing Arizona summer heat. Check out Round 11 Highlight here.  

Saturday’s Pro2 Race was an all-out battle between Carl Renezeder and Rob MacCachren. The two traded positions inside out and outside in through the turns, but the final outcome was Renezeder at the top of the podium. This was his 90th career win, a huge accomplishment in any form of motorsport.

Carl Renezeder earned the win on Saturday, but Rob MacCachren rebounded to earn Sunday's victory.

Sunday’s Pro2 race was a different story. It was textbook Rob MacCachren from start to finish; he made it look all too easy by literally walking away from the rest of the field.

“I just want to thank everyone on my team,” MacCachren. “Jim Blackmore and the guys and these BFG tires were perfect, they hooked up perfectly. I’m happy that we’re able to maintain our points lead.”

The Pro 4 field heads into the turn, with Kyle LeDuc in the lead.

On Pro 4’s Saturday race, Mike Johnson took his truck to an early lead but later cut a tire after trading paint with Kyle LeDuc. LeDuc ended up taking the third spot on the podium, with Cenni finishing in second and Renezeder extending his career wins to number 91.

Kyle LeDuc leads the field with Rick Huseman close behind.

For Sunday’s Pro 4 race, LeDuc had the lead for much of the race while holding off a hard-charging Rick Huseman. Several caution flags bunched the field back up multiple times, but LeDuc held the lead until he put his Rockstar Pro 4 on the bike after catching a rut coming out of turn six. He pulled an amazing recovery and ended up fourth behind Huseman, Renezeder and Johnson, respectively, going into the last lap. Johnson lost his composure and rolled in turn four causing Renezeder to spin to avoid the roll. LeDuc was able to squeak by the carnage into second place behind Huseman. In the midst of that, Coyne pulled in for a third-place spot on the podium.

“Man that was tough. I’m exhausted,” Huseman said after his win. “Kyle had a hell of a run going and I was doing everything I could to catch him. I’m glad he caught that rut and gave me the win; I’ll take it any way I can.”

Rick Huseman earned the Round 12 win in Pro 4.

For both days of racing, Marty Hart virtually had the race won in Pro Lite, but both days he was troubled with mechanical issues near the end of the race robbing him from the top spot on the podium. On Saturday, it was his engine that let go late in the race, opening the door for one of the best races of the weekend between Chris Brandit and Jimmy Stevenson. The two battled hard and traded the lead several times, but it was Brandt who ended up taking the top spot.

Chris Brandt (right) and Jimmy Stevenson (left) battle it out in Pro Lite.

On Sunday, Hart again had a huge lead but bad luck struck when his Stronghold Pro Lite threw a belt causing the loss of his power steering. Brian Deegan, who started back in the pack, took advantage and pulled out the win in the end.

“They started me in the back, so it was all or nothing,” Deegan said. “It was win or break and we’re here.”

Next up for the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series are Rounds 13 & 14 to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 6th-7th. Newsletter
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