Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series, Round 8

Jun. 28, 2010 By Stephen Clark
Fan attendance seemed to be a bit lower for the second day of LOORS racing at Miller but that didnít stop the drivers from putting on an incredible show in all the races. Check out Round 7 here.

Pro 4
With Renezeder on the front row, the Pro 4 race showed all the signs of turning into a great battle between 2009 Championship winner Carl Renezeder and Saturday race winner Rick Huseman. But Huseman was on fire and in the first lap he moved up from sixth to take the lead. With Renezeder falling back through the pack.

Leduc put some serious pressure on Huseman in the closing stages and the two came over the finish line almost side by side. But it was Huseman who had the lead by a mere 0.154 seconds giving him the double at Miller.

Rob MacCachren rounded out the podium in third.

Pro 4
1 Rick Huseman
2 Kyle Leduc  + 0.154
3 Rob Maccachren + 14.691

Pro Buggy

Chuck Cheek took the lead in the Pro Buggy race with Cameron Steele and Saturday race winner Jerry Whelchel hot on his heels.

Whelchel got past Steele and then Cheek to take the lead of the race.

The pack was very close throughout the race but nobody could quite match the pace of Whelchel.

Pro Buggy Results
1 Jerry Whelchel
2 Cameron Steele + 3.147
3 Cody Freeman + 4.386


Marty Hart somehow lost the roof of his Pro Lite truck but that didnít stop him from passing Person and taking the lead of the race. As hard as Deegan pushed he couldnít get past Hart who ended up with the win.

Brian Deegan (38) had more luck than on Saturday and was close to Hart at the front. Deegan and Person then had a good battle for second position.

1 Marty Hart
2 Brian Deegan + 2.410
3 Jacob Person +6.247


After the mid race mandatory caution, Ricky James lost his lead to Chad George.

James went on to set the fastest lap of the race and regain the lead from George. The race ended with James in first followed by Person and Colton Greaves.

1 Ricky James
2 Jacob Person + 3.832
3 Colton Greaves + 6.791

Pro 2

The inaugural Lucas Oil Off-Road weekend at Miller ended on a high a dramatic and carnage filled Pro 2 race.

It looked as if Leduc had the race in the bag, but towards the end it all went wrong in turn one. ďI downshifted a little too soon going into one and picked up the throttle too soon and I looped it,Ē said Leduc. Leducís mistake handed the lead to MacCachren with Ricky Johnson hot on his heels. In the closing stages of the race there was some contact racing between MacCachren and Johnson that ended with Johnson being disqualified for unsportsman like conduct and Johnson with some big tire marks on the door of his Red Bull Traxxas truck.

MacCachren took the win. Leduc came back from his mistake and clawed his way back through the pack to finished in second. Johnsons disqualification handed a podium spot to Carl Renezeder.

Johnson was very upset about the disqualification and held nothing back telling his thoughts about MacCachren and the officiating. ďNow they are going to disqualify me and they are not going to do one rough driving call ... Iím leading the race in front of God and everybody and he just drives right through me and they donít pull a black flag, itís just ridiculous Ö I had a shot at winning this, we were the fastest truck, the officiating sucks!Ē

Pro 2
1 Rob MacCachren
2 Todd Leduc + 1.153
3 Carl Renezeder + 5.339

The vibe at the track was that the Miller venue was a resounding success. Utah fans came in the thousands to see the short-course off-road racing for the first time in Utah, and they all seemed to enjoy it. And it wont be the last time LOORS comes to Utah, as our sources tell us that a contract has been signed that will bring LOORS back to Miller for two more years, and possibly twice per season. We just feel bad for whoever has to clean up all the dirt before the track can be used for road-racing. Newsletter
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