Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Rounds 7 & 8

Jun. 25, 2012 By Art Eugenio, GETSOMEphoto

Lucas Oil makes its yearly pilgrimage to Tooele, Utah, and The Miller Motorsports complex, and the racing is always intense. Unfortunately, that was the only consistency for Rounds 7 & 8 of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series.

Before rounds 7 & 8, Kyle LeDuc was unstoppable with a winning streak of six for six, but this weekend ended that with a broken right front hub in both races putting him in 9th on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday. “Hey I wish we could be up on that top spot, but I’ll take the 2nd,” said LeDuc after Sunday’s race. “Hell, we have a huge lead in the points, so we’ll take this and get back to work on winning more races!”

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RJ Anderson was also on a role with a stellar season in ProLite, but a broken front end dropped him down on Saturday. On Sunday, however, he earned the second spot on the podium. “I’m just happy to get back up here,” Anderson said. “We had a lot of trouble yesterday (Saturday), but the guys worked on the truck ‘til 3a.m. to get me back out here. We’re just going to keep on and go for that championship.”

RJ Anderson

Brian Deegan had an excellent weekend sweeping the weekend in ProLite and a first and a second in Pro 2. “It was great to get out here to Utah and mix it up with the boys,” said Deegan after Saturdays Pro 2 race. “Rob (MacCachren) is fast and races clean so coming second to Rob isn’t that bad. We’ll be ready for him at Glen Helen.”

Eric Barron executed his first win of the season in his Toyota Pro 4. “Whoa man, that was awesome!” said a very excited Barron. “It’s just so awesome to be up here in the top spot. We’ve worked so hard to make our truck fast and it is. I really just want to thank all my guys and Toyota for making it possible. Now I know what it’s like to be up here I don’t want to go back!”

Eric Barron

Some other inconsistencies over the weekend were controversial calls made by officials, and many drivers had much to say about this. What got one driver a black flag didn’t even get another a warning.  Another incident included a driver getting black-flagged, but it was rescinded minutes later.  The previous day, a driver was black-flagged for a lesser incident and the penalty was held. One can only scratch his head in dismay while trying to understand what was happening there.

All in all, it was exciting racing. The fans enjoyed the show, and we will see you all back in California for Rounds 9 & 10 at Glen Helen.

Doug Fortin

Pro skateboarder Danny Way competed in Super Lites at Miller Motorsports Park.

Casey Currie

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