Kyle LeDuc Leads Qualifying for SCORE Baja 1000

Nov. 04, 2016 By Josh Burns, Photos by Art Eugenio,
Kyle LeDuc

During all of the action for the 2016 SEMA Show, off-road racers took time out to trek out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for qualifying for the upcoming SCORE Baja 1000 later this month in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

Fresh off his Lucas Oil Off-Road Pro 4 championship, co-driver Kyle LeDuc took the wheel of the Riviera Racing Trophy Truck for driver of record Mark Post and posted the fastest time on the 2.1-mile qualifying course. LeDuc, who is clearly comfortable in a short-course setting, posted a times of 3 minutes and 5.62 seconds on his three-lap jaunt around the .7-mile track to earn the first starting position off the line for the 49th annual SCORE Baja 1000.

Ricky Johnson

The special SCORE Baja 1000 Qualifying, presented by BFGoodrich Tires, was held Tuesday night at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Off-Road Track, to determine starting position for the race, which will be held in Ensenada from November 15-20, which is the season finale of the four-race 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship. This year’s race course will be 854.5 miles.

Robby Gordon

Finishing second behind LeDuc was Ricky Johnson, another short-course racer with plenty of accomplishments to his credit, and he’s also an off-road racer who’s won on just about every type of race car in the off-road world. Johnson will be racing with driver of record Justin Matney at this year’s 1000. Robby Gordon rounded out the top three with his time of 3 minutes and 8.34 seconds.

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2016 SCORE Baja 1000 Qualifying
1. 3 Kyle LeDuc, Temecula, Calif. (Driver of Record--Mark Post, Las Vegas), Ford F-150, 3 minutes, 5.62 seconds (40.73 miles per hour)
2. 4 Ricky Johnson, Trabuco Canyon, Calif. (DOR-Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn.) Chevy Rally Truck, 3:06.21
3. 200 Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C., Chevy Silverado, 3:08.34
4. 59 Craig Potts, Scottsdale, Ariz., Chevy Silverado, 3:08.75
5. 11 Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, Ford F-150, 3:10.27
6. 91 Ryan Arciero,  Foothill Ranch, Calif. (DOR--Troy Herbst, Las Vegas), Ford F-150, 3:10.88
7. 19 Brett Sourapas, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. (DOR--Tim Herbst, Las Vegas, Ford F-150, 3:11.00
8. 76 Jesse Jones, Phoenix, Ford F-150, 3:11.24
9. 31 Andy McMillin, San Diego, Ford F-150, 3:11.45
10. 23 Dan McMillin, La Mesa, Calif., Ford F-150, 3:11.74
11. 83 Luke McMillin, Ford F-150, 3:11.98
12. 16 Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 3:12.80
13. 6 Steven Eugenio, Carlsbad, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 3:13.07
14. 97 B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Toyota Tundra, 3:13.73
15. 15 Billy Wilson, Corpus Christi, Texas, Chevy Silverado, 3:15.98
16. 17 Eduardo ‘Lalo’ Laguna, Mexicali, Mexico, Chevy Silverado, 3:16.21
17. 10 Alan Ampudia,  Ensenada, Mexico (DOR--Aaron Ampudia, Ensenada, Mexico), Chevy Silverado, 3:16.87
18. 22 Casey Currie, Corona, Calif., Custom, 3:16.89
19. 21 Gus Vildosola Jr, Mexicali, Mexico, Ford Raptor, 3:18.17
20. 1 Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez, Tecate, Mexico, Chevy Rally Truck, 3:18.25
21. 50 Zak Langley, Santa Monica, Calif., Ford F-150, 3:20.93
22. 68 Todd Peterson, Orem, Utah (DOR--Tim Weston, Corona, Calif.), Chevy Silverado, 3:31.47
23. 20 Pat O’Keefe, Martinez, Calif., Dodge Ram Ecodiesel, 3:36.91
24. 67 Brian Trapnell, Springville, Utah, Chevy Silverado, 3:37.99
25. 48 Jimmy Nuckles, Brawley, Calif., Ford F-150, Did Not Start
Additional SCORE Trophy Truck race entries not qualifying:
36 Glen Greer, Green Valley, Ariz., Dodge Ram
39 Ron Whitton, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150
45 Gary Magness, Denver, Ford F-150
55 Jose de Jesus Flores, Culiacan, Mexico, Chevy Silverado
57 Mike Palmer, Denver, Chevy Silverado
1. 244 Javier Quiros, Costa Rica, Toyota Tacoma, 3:19.82 (37.82mph)
2. 271 Igor Dorojinski, Simi Valley, Calif. (DOR--Carey Chrisman, Monterrey Park, Calif.), Armada-Chevy, 3:21.67
3. 222 Pete Sohren, Glendale, Ariz., BajaLite-Chevy, 3:33.83
4. 227 Jonathan Brenthel, Newport Beach, Calif., Brenthel-Chevy, 3:35.35
5. 255 Steve Melton, Phoenix (DOR--Lee Banning, Laveen, Ariz.), Geiser-Chevy, 3:36.42
6. 273 Jordan Brenthel, Newport Beach, Calif., Brenthel-Chevy, 3:39.18
7. 211 Joe DeLucie, Las Vegas (DOR--Pat Sims, Eunice, N.M.), Brenthel-Chevy, 3:40.63
8. 202 Chad Broughton, Scotts Valley, Calif., BajaLite-Chevy, 3:56.97
Additional TROPHY TRUCK SPEC race entries not qualifying:
201 Russell Buehler, Liberty, Mo., Jimco-Chevy
203 Dion Podgumy, Spring, Texas, BajaLite-Chevy
216 Heidi Steele, San Clemente, Calif., Brenthel-Chevy
220 Craig Christy, Burbank, Calif., Brenthel-Chevy
223 William Hedrick, Chula Vista, Calif., H&M-Chevy
232 Chelsea Magness, Denver, Mango-Chevy
250 John Langley, Santa Monica, Calif., Racer-Chevy
252 Gonzalo Pirron, Lancaster, Calif., Jefferies-Chevy
268 Jeffrey Kozak, Sugar Land, Texas, Geiser-Chevy
274 Elias Hanna, Ensenada, Mexico, Chevy 1500
277 Rod Lewis, San Antonio, Texas, Jimco-Chevy
288 Mark Luhtala, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., Fusion-Chevy Newsletter
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