Creamer Claims Championship at Loretta Lynn Ranch ATV MX

Aug. 16, 2010 By Press Release
Hurricane Mills, TN - Josh Creamer sealed his first ever ITP Tires/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship at the final race of the 2010 season aboard his Rockstar Makita Suzuki at Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN. Due to inclement weather throughout the weekend, the track officials were forced to reduce the pro racing to a one moto format, which was won by Chad Wienen aboard his Motoworks Can-Am. Wienen took his second overall win in a row, while Dustin Wimmer rode through the mud to take second place.

"Here at Loretta's, we had a really great weekend" Chad Wienen said. "When the rain started, we didn't look forward to it, but the track workers did a really great job getting the track back into shape."

The rain began on Sunday just moments before the pro riders were slated to go on the track for timed qualifying. Due to the heavy rain, the riders chose to forgo timed qualifying in favor of using championship points determine the lineup. As the rain continued, track conditions continued to decline. Heavy rains on Saturday evening had already kept track workers up late clearing mud and water from the track to prepare for Sundays racing. Saturday night's rain left the track was extremely vulnerable for the unexpected rain on Sunday. The track officials opted for a one moto format to accommodate the amateur race schedule, and the riders quickly realized that had just one chance to earn their finish at Loretta Lynn's.

Creamer grabbed the $250 holeshot award and the early race lead. With Creamer to an early lead, Wienen and Wimmer were battling forward from mid pack, and quickly began making passes. Early in the race, Wienen had already made his way to third behind Thomas Brown and was able to pass into the second place behind Creamer. Within two laps, Wienen was able to power past Creamer for the lead, which he maintained through the checkered flag.

"I got a top six start and pushed my way forward. When I caught up to Josh and got around him, I just tried to build my lead" Chad Wienen said following his win. "Our Can-Am is working great and I'm really excited that I got this win and can carry the momentum into next year."

Wimmer spent his time passing through the pack, and with the inside line into the 'ten commandments' whoop section, passed his teammate Creamer to take the second place spot. Wimmer had already sealed his second place spot in the chase for the championship during Round 10 at Red Bud.

"I took second place overall today. It was a strong second place so I was happy with it, especially being a one moto format," Dustin Wimmer said about today's racing. "But, I am not happy with second in points. I know a lot of people would be happy with second, but being the champion two years in a row... I can't be happy with myself in second. All we can do now is look to next year."

Following his lead, Walsh's Jeremy Lawson followed Wimmer toward the front of the field. When Creamer found himself upside down after the finish line, Lawson took over the third spot for final podium position.

"I was nervous this morning because yesterday we were the fastest in practice, and I'm not really use to that," said Lawson. "Then, when it rained, I really got nervous because I knew I had a chance to win this thing but you have to have luck to win a mud race. But, the track turned around, and I'm really happy with my finish."

Creamer recovered to finish seventh, but in the one-moto format, it would have been mathematically impossible for anyone to overtake him in the final championship standings, anyway.

In the Pro-Am Production class, Chase Snapp captured the Pro Am Production Championship with his 5th place finish. Jeffrey Rastrelli grabbed the $100 Idol Speed Holeshot award followed closely by Derek Swartfager and Travis Moore. The three riders battled side by side throughout the moto, with many lead changes throughout. At the end, it was still the Suzuki ride of Rastrelli in the first spot with the win. Although the battle for the lead was heated throughout the moto, it was Chase Snapp and Joel Hetrick the crowd was watching. Both riders had bad starts, with Snapp two positions ahead of Hetrick most of the moto. Just when Snapp looked to move into the third position, he spun in a corner and lost two positions, moving Hetrick into the lead. Although Hetrick was able to beat Snapp in the moto, it was Snapp who won the Pro Am Production championship by eight points over Hetrick.

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AMA Pro ATV Results

    * 1. Chad Wienen (Can)
    * 2. Dustin Wimmer (Suz)
    * 3. Jeremy Lawson (Suz)
    * 4. Josh Upperman (Hon)
    * 5. Thomas Brown (Yam)
    * 6. Jermie Warnia (Can)
    * 7. Josh Creamer (Suz)
    * 8. Patrick Brown (Hon)
    * 9. Nick Denoble (Hon)
    * 10. Cody Grant (Suz)

AMA ATV Motocross Championship Final Pro Point Standings

1. Josh Creamer (459); 2. Dustin Wimmer (427); 3. Chad Wienen (366); Josh Upperman (359); 5. John Natalie Jr (346) 6. Thomas Brown (291); 7. Jeremy Lawson (291); 8. Jeremie Warnia (249); 9. Patrick Brown (240); 10. Nick A. Denoble (198). Newsletter
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