UPDATE: Bryce Menzies Finishes Second, Gustavo Vildosola Wins

Mar. 10, 2013 By By Josh Burns Photos by Josh Burns and GETSOMEphoto.com
Bryce Menzies wins the 2013 SCORE San Felipe 250.

UPDATE: After SCORE official tracking data was reviewed, Gustavo Vildosola earned the Trophy Truck victory. For full results and more information, click here.  

What was thought to be a slower and tougher course for the SCORE San Felipe 250 proved to be fast yet challenging. When the dust settled, Bryce Menzies earned the overall victory by beating Gustavo Vildosola by a mere 3 seconds.

The win now gives Menzies a victory in San Felipe and the Baja 500, and it helps take away the sting from two years ago when he broke down while leading the race only a few miles from the finish line. Although this year’s course features many new sections, SCORE San Felipe still proved to be one of the toughest desert races around.

Gustavo Vildosola just missed a SCORE Baja victory at San Felipe.

“This course is brutal,” Menzies said after the race. “You’ve got a lot of whoops in the beginning, and then you go through some real tight canyons onto the dry lake bed, come back through the Borrego area and we get back onto the Diablo dry lake bed, and that’s where I got first on the road.”

Although he was able to move into the physical lead, with drivers leaving 1 minute apart he had to worry about corrected time with “Tavo” Vildosola close behind.

Cody Parkhouse celebrates his victory in Class 1 under the arches at the finish line.

“We knew Tavo was coming, we knew we had to push really hard, and Morelia, that terrain is so tough that you have to save your truck a little bit, and once we got there we got fuel and the truck worked a lot better. We got to mile 220 and my guys told me that Tavo had me by 22 seconds, so there’s only 35 miles left of the race and we knew we had to push as hard as possible.”

Kurt Caselli, who raced at the Dakar Rally earlier this year, earned the victory at San Felipe aboard a KTM.

By the slimmest of margins, Menzies held onto the lead and beat Vildosola for the win.

“This race has been brutal to us,” he said. “Two years ago we broke powering steering with 10 miles to go and we were leading. It feels really good to get that win finally [at] San Felipe; we won the 500, now we just gotta get the 1000.”

Although some of the top finishers were able to avoid major incident, the rough course took its toll on teams causing flat tires and mechanical failures left and right. If San Felipe is any indicator, the new era of SCORE racing will keep Baja tough.

Javier Robles Jr. earned the win in Class 25.

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Although unofficial, these are the most recent results we received from SCORE officials. More updates to come shortly.

Juan Carlos Lopez beat out last year's San Felipe winner Rob MacCachren for the final podium spot in Trophy Truck.

SCORE San Felipe 250 Unofficial Results

Trophy Truck
1. Bryce Menzies
2. Gus Vildosola
3. Juan C. Lopez
4. Rob MacCachren
5. Mark Weyhrich
6. Tim Herbst
7. Jess Jones
8. Jimmy Knuckles
9. Nick Vanderwey
10. Craig Potts

Class 1
1. Cody Parkhouse
2. Randy Wilson
3. Luke McMillin
4. Ronny Wilson

Motorcycle – Class 22
1. Kurt Caselli - KTM
2. Timmy Weigand - Hon
3. Robby Bell - Kaw
4. Mike Brown - KTM
5.  Mark Samuels – Hon
6. Kendal Norman – Hon
7. A. J. Stewart

ATV – Class 25
1. Javier Robles Jr.
2. Adolfo Arellano
3. Felipe Velez
4. Nick Nelson
5. Juan Sanchez

ATV – Class 24
1. Thomas Wright
2. Chaz Konarsha
3. Juan Dominguez
4. Juan Gonzalez
5. Said Sanchez

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