BITD Vegas to Reno Qualifying: Pat Dean, Jesse Jones Fastest

Aug. 15, 2013 By Art Eugenio,
Pat Dean earned the fastest time in Vegas to Reno qualifying.

This year’s Vegas to Reno qualifying round featured something new for the racers: 4 miles of tight, twisty, washed-out, rocky racecourse. The all-new technical course lent itself to the more nimble class 1500 cars, and it showed with the top two qualifiers coming from the buggy class. Honorable mention goes to Jason Voss, who actually had the quickest time but a penalty set him back out of the top 10. Stay tuned for more as our race coverage continues to Friday’s race action.

Jesse Jones was the fastest truck in qualifying.

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Justin Lofton was fourth fastest overall and third among buggies.

Bryce Menzies was the second-fastest Trick Truck in qualifying.

2013 BITD Vegas to Reno Top Qualifiers
1.  Pat Dean     05:29.880
2.  Harley Letner   05:30.649
3.  Jesse Jones     05:31.461
4.  Justin Lofton   05:32.280
5.  Bryce Menzies   05:32.446
6.  TJ Flores     05:38.185
7.  Chuck Hovey     05:39.314
8.  CJ Hutchins     05:40.414
9.  Mark Weyhrich   05:40.914
10. Steve Strobel   05:41.049
11. Steve Olliges   05:41:503
12. Jason Voss      05:41:850
13. Randy Wilson    05:43:276
14. Sam Berri       05:44:289
15. Dale Dondel     05:45:062
16. Rob MacCachren  05:45:149
17. Garrick Freitas 05:45:356
18. Kory Scheeler   05:45:459
19. Dan McMillin    05:47:251
20. Curt LeDuc      05:47:694

Jason Voss would have been fastest in qualifying, but a pentaly moved him just outside of the top 10. Newsletter
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