UROC to Focus Energy on New Sport of RockCross

2007 UROC

Apr. 17, 2007 By Press Release
Orem, UT –As many of you know UROC introduced a new form of rock motorsport at the Off Road Expo in Pomona known as Rockcross ™. The sport is a form of racing that is unique in that it pits teams against each other in head to head competition. The reviews and excitement from the introduction have been somewhat staggering and all of the UROC sponsors save for two have chosen to put their efforts and energy into Rockcross™ instead of the rockcrawling efforts of the past.

We have just received word that a few key rockcrawling sponsors have recently made strategic changes in their marketing plans for 2007. The results of these changes have had a dramatic affect on their ability to support off road. This includes, among other things, rockcrawling, and while we are disappointed to hear this news, we certainly understand and express appreciation to them for their efforts in rockcrawling and helping it become a true motorsport over the past seven years.

These changes clearly have a profound affect on UROC and force us to make some logical choices. Choices that we know will have an overall positive affect on teams around the country. We have weighed in with sponsors and taken a close look at the sport. We have reviewed where the sport has come from, where it is going, the relationship to industry as well as the identification with and relationship to the recreational sport that it derives from. After weighing all aspects, we have chosen to cancel the 2007 UROC Pro National effective immediately. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause teams preparing for the season and recognize the proximity of this announcement to the first event.

At UROC, we feel that UROC RockCross™ has a very bright future and addresses many of the concerns that rockcrawling has inherent to its natural format. It has the great aspects of rockcrawling but is not encumbered by the difficulty of understanding. It has short moto's that are exciting and action packed. It has a unique format in that teams are head to head and side by side. Everyone understands a green flag and a checkered flag and fans can get instant gratification with seeing a great battle and ultimately a winner of that battle. They don’t have to wait for scores or compare times. It is full on motor sports competition the way it was meant to be, multiple competitors on the same course with only one finish line. And while we are saddened by the changes with rockcrawling, we are excited about the future of RockCross™ and the many upcoming announcements regarding Rockcross™ and the synergy that it is building.

source: UROC

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