UROC Announces SkyJacker Pro RockCross Format Changes

Nov. 26, 2007 By Press Release

The 2007 Skyjacker Pro RockCross Nationals has been a very exciting ride.  Head to head competition on the rocks is something that had never been done before.  The results from UROC’s efforts have added a new sport in the industry and stability for the promoters.

Now UROC is taking the next step with an adjustment to the RockCross™ format.  Effective December 1, UROC will be switching to a new triple elimination format with a maximum of five teams in a heat.  This is up from the double elimination format and a maximum of three teams on the course. 

“We feel that the adjusted format will add closer racing and more excitement to the sport.” Said UROC president Ranch Pratt.  Additional teams will help ensure closer races and build the level of competition. 

“It’s what racing is.” Said UROC Pro and former champion Shannon Campbell.  “More teams mean more action, more rubbing, more racing, and more fun!”

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