Team Waggoner Racing Welcome Premier Sponsor Axial

Jul. 13, 2009 By Press Release
Capistrano Beach, CA – Team Waggoner is excited to announce that current sponsor Axial is taking on the lead sponsorship role for the remaining 2009 season. As full scale, 1.1, rock crawling became very popular and began to spill over and spread quickly as a sport within the RC world. In April of 2008, Cody met some of the Axial team and was officially bit by the RC rock-crawling bug.

“The two sports go hand in hand!" Cody said. "The RC crawler is just like the full-size crawler; it flips, flexes and rolls just like the real thing.” From there the partnership has continued to reach new heights.

For Cody it was going to start out as something fun to do between regular rock-crawling events, but it quickly became another one of Cody’s passions. In Cody’s very first RC event, he placed second out of 59 competitors.  Since then he has continued to accomplish top place finishes in local events. Cody credits the team at Axial, especially Matt Kearney and Randall Davis, for the opportunity to be apart such a great team and the RC community. 

“Over the past year and a half, the guys at Axial have taken the time and energy to build me an awesome rig and teach me how to use it," Cody said. "Whether we practice at the local park or someone’s house, we take it as serious as full-scale crawling. It has been great to learn from all of them and I am lucky to have practiced with a National Champion, Brad 'Bender' Dumont."

Brad “Bender” Dumont, a key part of the Axial team, is the 2006 USRCCA National Champ 2.2 Class and is the 2008 Colorado State Champion in the Super Class and 2.2.  He is not only an icon within the RC rock-crawling community, Brad has also developed and manufactured an award-winning RC chassis.  Brad built Cody’s 2.2 Comp XC-1 rig.

“Teaming up with Team Waggoner is probably one of the best things we could have done because they’re a top-notch team,” said Greg Taniguchi, marketing director of Axial. “Cody Waggoner not only competes in W.E. Rock, but is also a huge competitor at RC events which is a prime example of how 1:1 and RC go hand-in-hand. They will definitely be a huge contributing factor to the continued success of Axial and we look forward to building our relationship with the Waggoner’s.”

RC rock crawling may not be a fast-paced sport, but just like full scale rock crawling it's not about speed.  It’s about power and maneuverability.  As well as navigating obstacles on extremely uneven rocky surfaces all within a maximum time limit.  Almost identical to full scale events each course is to be completed with minimal penalty points.  Penalties are acquired for touching cones or banners, backing up, or “roll-touch”, which is similar to a winch penalty. 

Axial could not have asked for a better marketing tool than Team Waggoner’s moon buggy “Roxanne.” The bright green Axial panels stand out and draw a lot of attention at events. Full-scale rock crawling is not for everyone and can be very expensive, but RC rock crawling is an affordable fun sport that can be enjoyed by all family members. 

“My wife and three-year-old daughter have their own cars and love to use them. My wife has also competed in two events and placed in the top 25 against 40 or more competitors.” Cody adds.

Axial covers the whole scope from beginners to racers. Axial products are designed to support the RC culture through the development and design of remote control parts and accessories. For more information, visit and Newsletter
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