Speed Technologies Races for Points at Lucas Oil Off Road Race in Surprise, AZ

Sep. 30, 2010 By Press Release
RENO, NV:  The Speed Technologies team of Jeff Ward, John Harrah, Mitchell DeJong, Dawson Kirchner and Wyatt Kirchner didn’t finish where they wanted to, but they continued to collect points for the Lucas Oil Off Road Series overall title win.  Rounds 11 and 12 were held at Speedworld Offroad Park in Surprise, AZ the weekend of September 25th.

Jeff Ward had a 5th place finish on Sunday and 8th on Saturday in the Pro 2 Class.  “If you can believe it, the truck was getting too much traction!  They kept the track so well groomed this weekend that it never dried up enough for me to get the rear end to slide like I am accustomed to,” said Ward.

John Harrah, in the Pro 4 Class, finished 8th on Sunday and wasn’t able to come back out of the pro-pit after braking an a-arm on Saturday.  “This is one of my favorite tracks and I am disappointed on my drive.  We made adjustments from Saturday to Sunday, but I was never able to get in the mix of the leaders,” commented Harrah.

Mitchell DeJong, running California 200 Memorial Graphics on his Modified Kart, finished 2nd on Sunday and charged hard from the rear of the pack for a 5th place finish on Saturday.  He got bumped in the first turn of Saturdays race putting him a half-lap behind. Mitchell passed 11 trucks by the end of the ten lap race to finish an outstanding 5th place.

Dawson Kirchner, who has been battling a summer flu for a couple weeks, couldn’t find his rhythm on the track.  He finished 13th on Saturday and 11th on Sunday in the very strong SuperLite field.

The biggest change of Speed Technologies’ weekend was when Wyatt Kirchner tried to get into his Modified Kart, he had grown so much in the last month that he couldn’t fit!  They immediately moved him up to a SuperLite placing 11th on Saturday and 13th on Sunday.  “We weren’t sure how he would do, but I think he drove the SuperLite better than he did his Modified Kart.  It was exciting to watch him succeed,” said SuperLite Live host Chuck Dempsey.

Complete coverage of Speed Technologies behind the scenes weekend and racing action was on SuperLite Live.  Hosted by Chuck Dempsey and co-hosted by Jeff “SurfRat” Arganda it featured exclusive interviews with Speed Technologies team members and an excellent interview with Forest Lucas, the owner of Lucas Oil.  He sat down with Chuck and Jeff for over 45 minutes and talked about his background, racing, track ownership, new tracks and a lot more.  Watch the coverage, see the highlight videos and sign up now to get the “On The Air” notices at http://www.justin.tv/superlitelive  (click Follow).

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