SCORE announces new drawing format for two classesAnd six classes for SCORE Las Vegas Terrible's Cup III

Six-race 2007 SCORE Desert Series starts Jan. 18-21At the 13th SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge in Laughlin, Nev.

Dec. 27, 2006 By SCORE Media
     LOS ANGELES—Los Angeles-based SCORE International, producers of the six-race SCORE Desert Series in the Southwest U.S. and Mexico announced two major changes that will start during the 2007 series.

     New will be a revised drawing format for SCORE Trophy-Truck and Class 1, and the SCORE Las Vegas Terrible’s Cup III will be a point race for the five competing classes.

     “These changes will help SCORE continue producing the world’s best desert racing series,” said Sal Fish, SCORE CEO and President. “Change is inevitable, but it isn’t always easy and as we work through the transition with our racers the results will keep SCORE on the cutting edge in the world of desert racing.”

     For the three SCORE races held annually in Mexico, whether a drawing by computer or live, the top 10 finishers in SCORE’s top two racing divisions from the immediately previous race in Mexico will be placed into their own drawing for starting positions and then all other entries in those two classes will have their own drawing for starting spots 11th and higher. If all 10 qualified drivers aren’t entered in time for the official start draw, only those that are entered in time will be included in the first draw for each of these classes. The new format will begin with next year’s 39th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500, June 1-3 in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

     Already announced as a point race for the competing classes, SCORE has announced that the 2007 SCORE Las Vegas Terrible’s Cup III will include the following six classes: SCORE Trophy-Truck, the unlimited Class 1, and Class 1-2/1600, Class 10, SCORE Lite and Class 7.

     SCORE points include starting and finishing points as well as placing points. While starting and finishing points are the same for each class but different for each race, the placing or position points are determined by the number of starters. The classes with more official starters receive more placing points than those with fewer starters.

     The SCORE Las Vegas Terrible’s Cup III, because it is the shortest race in the series, will receive the least amount of starting and finishing points of any of the six races that are part of the 2007 SCORE Desert Series. While the classes racing on the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in July will be part of a six-race series, the other four-wheel vehicle classes will be part of the normal five-race series. Motorcycles and ATVs, which compete only in SCORE races in Mexico, will again have a three-race series determine its class point champions.

     “Tweaking the drawing format for our top two classes will help the quality of our starting grids,” said Fish, who has been leading SCORE International since shortly after it was founded in 1973. “Both of these classes average over 30 starters per race and this will also reward the top finishers from the previous race in Mexico.”

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