Rock Runner Racing Teams Up With Ron Davis Radiators

Feb. 05, 2009 By Press Release

Rapid City, South Dakota, January 16, 2009: Although the economy has slowed down from past years, manufacturers and vendors still recognize the benefit of associating their products with veteran motorsports champions such as Rock Runner Racing. For 2009, Ron Davis Radiators will be reaping those benefits by backing Rock Runner Racing.  

“We have had a relationship with Ron Davis for several years, using them on all of the Twisted Customs buggies we build” explained Rock Runner Racing’s Brian Errea.  “Now that we are building a dedicated rock racer for King of the Hammers, cooling is more important than ever.” 

Rock Runner Racing has a reputation for using only the best equipment, from industry leaders such as Spidertrax, BFGoodrich, and Mastercraft.  Ron Davis Racing Products are crafted in that same vein. 

“Our theme is extreme quality” explained Ron Davis’ GM Doug Schulz.  “We don’t build on price, we build the best.” 

All Ron Davis radiators are TIG welded, instead of using lower strength MIG welding or brazing to mate the end tanks to the core. While this process is more expensive and labor intensive, it provides the highest possible levels of cooling and strength.  Electric fans and integrated aluminum shrouds are also features that distinguish Ron Davis from the competition. 

Rock Runner Racing’s Joachim Schwiesow noted that the team "cannot afford to take any chances in a one hundred mile, point-to-point race like the King of the Hammers. The choice to use Ron Davis radiators was an obvious one.”  

Schwiesow will be campaigning a brand new Twisted Customs rock racer in the King of the Hammers and using the same vehicle to compete in the Xtreme Rock Racing Association Western Division series for 2009. Newsletter
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