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Jan. 12, 2009 By Press Release
Hello all,
Sorry for the delays in updates.  2008 was a hectic but fruitful race season.  We did not enjoy the same successes on the podium of 2007 primarily due to some mechanical gremlins which included a late season engine upgrade, and two cracked trasnmissions.  That kept the team on it's toes as we not only had to correct the issues at hand, but redesigning these elements to make us stronger going forward. 
On that note, we finished the year stronger with several top finishes, including Branden's tie for first place in the RROCK series.  Ultimately, we had to go to the third tiebreaker contingency before the series nod would be found in favor of the talented Derek West and Richie Keller who had a storybook season in 2008.  For fun we joined again the Rokit Enterprises Team late in the season to capture a decisive win in the annual TOP SHOP challenge series.
Our Media year, however, was the best ever with lots of on line coverage, event flyers, two major Maxxis posters, magazine coverage including major ads, event and feature articles and the TV coverage by the Discovery Channel.
On that note... tune in Tuesday night, January 13th, 10PM eastern for the second episode of the new series "Wreckreation Nation".
We, as a team, enjoyed considerable coverage at the WeRock Jellico event.  My then 14 year old son Branden spotted for me that event and a lot of the taped footage focused on the family/father and son nature of the team and how we worked together to reach our goals.  At the end of the event, we strapped Dave Mordal, the show host, into the passenger seat as I spotted them through one of the comp courses with Branden driving.  Having given Dave a taste of the rush... we then strapped him in the driver's seat and let Branden spot him through the course... an exciting run for the rookie driver.  I'm not sure how the final editing came out, but given the coverage in the commercials and in the trailers... it should be promising!
We've already begun our 2009 season with an event yesterday in a near sold out Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky (left) It was an exhibition type event, hosted by XRRA, invitation only and quite frankly, the 12 select Rock Racers stole the show from the monster trucks and other motorsports particiapants.  We'll be doing a similar show in Rupp Arena in Lexington in two weeks.
From their our regular season begins with Branden driving in the RROCK series once again and Ken Driving in the XRRA and WeRock series.  Exciting news for 2009 is the addtion of Spotter talent, Kyle Bruso for the XRRA and WeRock events.  Kyle is a veteran driver/competitor with numerous podium finishes under his belt.  His experience and on the fly creativity will bring a welcome consistency to our team as we forgwe ahead in pursuit of one of our strongest seasons ever!
Thank you for your continued support!
Kenny Blume
Rock Rod Racing
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