Kyle Busch TORC Series Interview

Aug. 30, 2010 By Press Release
Kyle Busch tackles short-course off-road racing at TORC Series. JOLIET, Ill. -- NASCAR Star Kyle Busch took to the track at Route 66 Raceway for the first time earlier today prior to Wednesday night's Traxxas TORC Series Presented by AMSOIL. After his PRO 2WD session, he spoke to the assembled media.

You were exciting out there.

Kyle Busch: Thank you. I hope itís more exciting being smooth than I was out of control. Itíll get better. Just with the short amount of time you get on the track kinda makes it tough, but itís fun, man. Itís really cool. Iím having a good time, thatís what Iím here for.

How do you adjust to the jumps?

KB: Itís fun. I enjoy going out there and going out to the sand dunes and messing around and jumping some stuff out there. Anytime you can put a big heavy vehicle up in the air like that, itís always cool. For myself, running the Traxxas TORC Series PRO 2s, itís fun. Iím getting some experience and kinda getting (my) feet wet at it.

What was the best advice youíve been given so far?

KB: I would say the biggest piece of advice would be to always just try to keep it straight. Once you get out of control, you gotta figure out how to get it straightened back up. It gets pretty ugly in a hurry, so itís always best to try to keep the throttle on sometimes, but, you know, for me, itís getting used to everything and trying to keep going fast.

What was the process that led to you racing in the Traxxas TORC Series Presented by AMSOIL?

KB: Iíve always wanted to give this a try and see what itís all about. Robby Gordonís talked about it, Jimmie Johnsonís talked about it Ö but Iíve never had the opportunity to do it. I thought it would be cool to get out there and get my feet wet with it. Itís been fun. Iíve been to Crandon (Wis.) and got some experience there, just driving in the truck getting used to it and then here. Iím doing OK. Thereís a lot of time for me to pick up, so hopefully I can get a little bit better. All in all, itís pretty fun.

What experience that you have best prepared you for this?

KB: I think the sand dunes and racing dirt track stuff is probably the best preparation. Running in this stuff here, itís always difficult to know what to expect over the next jump, you know, because youíve got to set up right first. Then youíve got to just keeping going through it.

Did the first time on the track give you some problems?

KB: My guys were telling me I needed to run high and kinda through the middle of the high lane and I did that and I was like ĎThis ainít right! This is wrong.í So I went lower and ran the bottom and it was way better so Iíll be doing that for qualifying for sure, just trying to stay a little bit lower, keep the truck out of the heavy mud. It just gets so rough up there and so choppy that itís like driving a boat through the ocean instead of driving one on the lake.

You ran within .1 seconds of PRO 2 points leader Rob MacCachren at Crandon. What did that do for your confidence?

KB: It was pretty good. I was actually faster than Rob (when he was driving) in his own truck, but he got in mine and went a tenth faster in my truck, so I was a little disappointed. It felt good over all, just to get the experience and to just kinda get going and feel it out for the first time. To be right there with Rob MacCachren out of the gate is really really cool. Today is going to be tough. Itís not going to be easy. (Ricky) Johnsonís always fast; another Johnson Iíve gotta put up with (laughs), but there you go. MacCachren, I know heíll be good and a couple others. Iím just looking to have a good time and get some good exposure for Traxxas. To have them onboard of my (NASCAR) truck for Friday nightís race is pretty cool, too.

Whatís been your biggest surprise with these trucks?

KB: I guess just how fluid they are. You can really get in trouble fast, but you can kinda recover pretty decent. Iím sure if I get too brave or too ballsy, itíll be ugly fast. Still, right now where Iím at, Iím just trying to get out there and now work on lap times. Now that Iíve got a feel for the track, itís about dissecting it and getting better.

What has it been like physically for you?

KB: Crandon was actually pretty simple. It was fun and it was fast, but it was easy. Not easy, but it was easier than this place for sure. Getting out there, you never have time to  catch up, you know, your breath, your truck, anything, so youíre always on the go and trying to get ready for the next jump and setting up for the next corner.

Were you breathing hard when you got out of the truck?

KB: I was breathing a little bit, yeah. You kinda hold your breath sometimes when you go over the jumps. Youíre wanting to make sure youíre hitting the jumps right and youíre not sure if you did or not. These trucks always seem to kind of pull out of it OK. Newsletter
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