CORR: PMF, CORR Extend and Expand Involvement

Dec. 01, 2008 By Press Release

TV Production Team in Place Through 2011

PMF Event Services, Executive Producer of Championship Off Road Racing’s successful national television broadcasts, has come to an agreement to expand its involvement with the CORR series while extending their television production agreement for an additional three years, through the 2011 race season.

“Jason Markham and Billy Haendiges took this fantastic opportunity and worked with NBC and SPEED to create the best off road racing shows on TV.  Increasing their involvement will allow the series to greater utilize the tools that have been a significant part of elevating the national presence of CORR.  The experience they have positions PMF as a key component in the future development of the series.  We look forward to building this partnership as we continue to build on our plans for the upcoming race season,” said Cissy Baldwin, COO of CORR.

PMF has provided a complete turn-key broadcast television package to CORR beginning in 2006. As the principals of PMF, Markham and Haendiges have taken the helm of the creative and technical areas of CORR programming, as they have refined the presentation to a national network level.

“With CORR, we start with a great product. Building the personalities of the sport along with capturing the excitement of the racing has been our focus in building brand awareness. Knowing that amazing tracks like Chula Vista are the future of the sport, we can continue to give the audience an incredible show. With this expanded partnership we are able to align our production of the show more closely with the operation of the series itself and have greater integration with the sponsors and the race teams,” said Markham.

Along with the groundbreaking, first-ever live telecast of a short course off road racing event, PMF also rose to the challenge of producing back-to-back live telecasts on two different networks in the same weekend. CORR is identified as the premier short course off road racing series in the nation. With a 759% increase in viewing audience and a 223% increase in exposure value to sponsors, the high quality of the CORR television production has been instrumental in the growth of the CORR brand.

The team of Markham and Haendiges has been a cornerstone to the development of CORR while solidifying the relationships between CORR and the NBC and SPEED networks. Haendiges commented, “Our greatest challenge coming in was to raise the bar of televised off road racing to the high standards of network television. We are excited about what we have achieved to this point and are eager to take CORR to the next level.”

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