CORR: Another Scott Douglas Update

Sep. 22, 2008 By Press Release
Hi Everyone
Wanted to give everyone an update...
Things seem to be going very well. Everyday gets a little better, we are finding out that "routine makes things easier"...
We are having a wheel chair ramp made for the back door, and that will be nice so Scott can get outside too.
Jason had a great idea to take out the dining room table and put the hospital bed in the dining area and it is working out GREAT!!!
Physical Therapy is going good as well. He does the therapy in house, and is following all the rules.
He got a "build sheet" from the therapist on what the surgeon had done and what was built in his leg, he found that interesting...
As far as the truck goes, Bill and Jason are doing a fantastic job on the truck, it is driving Scott crazy not being able to be there with them,
a lot of the front sub frame had to be cut out, the engine block was broke, the transmission block was broke, the left front up rite was destroyed, as well as the hub brake router and brake, brake hat, and wheel. The front diff was broke in 3 spots, and 2/3 of the drivers cage has been cut off to be replaced. (Drivers cage did its job extremely well as none of the tubes were broke, just stretched and bent)
All the damaged tubes and parts were removed last week, this week, ready for rebuild...Thanks to Bill Smith and Jason Schampers!!!!!!!
Photos attached...
So all in all things are going pretty darn good. 
Hope you are all doing great and thanks again for keeping in touch.

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