Swift-Action-GNCC-Off-Road-6-20-13Team UXC racing added one more race to the history books this past weekend at the Parts Unlimited Mountaineer Run in Masontown West Virginia. The heat and dry conditions made for a very interesting race but for the Shelbyville Tennessee race team victory was in the air! Walking the track on Friday has become a intricate part of the teams routine and mentally noting the rocky sections in particular.

Getting the day started off of the second row Team UXC racings Michael Swift was able to grab the holeshot off the start and led his class into the woods at the Masontown WV event. “We were rolling on the first lap and even caught the open class and were able to get around them before our first pass through the scoring tents.” Swift has found some amazing speed in the last few years and the determination to improve his performance every race has really began to show. Passing the lead back and forth with a fellow racer Swift would find a rock that stopped his Team UXC Can-Am Renegade right in its tracks on the third lap that sent him over the bars.

GNCC-Team-UXC-5-8-13The east coast has received its fair share of rain over the last few weeks and for the fifth round of the GNCC racing series in Park City Kentucky it would be no different. The Team UXC racing crew rolled into the track with a precise plan just in case the weather did not cooperate. On Friday after scouting the entire track Michael Swift knew it could get messy if the predicted rain came through. By Saturday morning it had rained most all night and was still coming down for the day of racing.

“Over the years I have put together a few key things to keep me on the machine and moving forward in really nasty riding conditions,” stated Swift. Getting a good grip on the bars and keeping your vision clear is vital and this is just a piece of the plan Swift had put together to take on his U2 class competition. Lining up on the second row behind the Open 4X4 class the U2 challengers had just a few riders to compete with on the first lap. Swift was able to fall into the line in second off the start and worked his way into the number on spot in his class before the second lap. “I had actually taken over the lead in my class before the second mile mark on the first lap but slid into a tree and two riders were able to pass me.  My Rox Speed FX hand guards kept the mud off of my hands so I could drive the UXC racing Can-Am Renegade Xxc,” noted Swift. Team UXC also attributes their finishes to the use of the Outerwears radiator covers. These covers keep the mud off of the radiator so it can stay cool during the harsh conditions. This three-lap race took everything it could from many racers as thirty-nine of the 247 entries in the morning race had dropped out.